Why The Seahawks Lost the Superbowl

The below link will take you to an extremely intelligent argument as to why the Seahawks lost the Superbowl last year.  Keep in mind, the author contemplates issues way beyond football…but his insight into a game I played and he played at a much lower level, is expressed from that of a person with extreme intelligence.  Enjoy the read.




I try to push forward in this humanistic dominated world, or universe, or beyond.  I do what I must to carve out some sort of joy…views of water, clouds, the sun, the sun glistening on the water, the stars, the moon, the wind, fall leaves, rain, animals…apex birds flying above, the fine petite body of the woman I Love, good food, a roof, a toilet to comfortably shit in, but when I observe the new wave of the youth, this selfie culture…this focus on oneself, ourselves…when the world and galaxy and universe and beyond is so much more…I become deflated…disgusted, ashamed.  What a fucking botched experiment we have become.  So much potential, so much disappointment.  Think about it…all that has, does, and will exist…and we create selfie sticks for our cameras.  Believe me….we are but a grain of sand on the world’s beach…but we think we are the universe.  Hope I live long enough to see this self worship and Ponzi scheme collapse…but only after I can no longer get a stiff dick.

Fine Line

If you have any perspective on the expanse of human time and history, you will understand that the interaction and exchanges between man and woman has changed through our short-lived history of existence.

The scope of this issue is so broad and huge, for it covers human time and gender, but I only care about expressing my disgust with exchanges between man and woman in our current existence.

The fact that a man can approach a woman in public with facial or verbal expressions at random with intentions of getting in her pants, without any risk of being challenged to a duel, disgusts me.  In fact, the laws we have constructed to “protect us” would prevent such a duel from occuring.

Men have become, and pardon me ladies, pussies.  You can switch the genders around if you like and make the same argument.  There are no longer any risks to words, expressions, or pictures.  Without risk of death or harm, words, expressions, intentions, are empty, shallow, meaningless.

So how do you know words or actions are true?  How do you know a man’s or woman’s expressions or intentions are true, when risk or harm no longer exists?  You don’t.  The law, intended to protect us, has in fact, cut our balls off.  A man, or a woman, no longer has access to the truth of words, expression, or intentions.  All that remains are empty words, money, and that is enough to spread open a woman’s legs.