Aphorism 36

A spring forms a creek, several creeks form a stream, several streams form a river, several rivers feed an ocean, several oceans feed the clouds, several clouds form a storm, several storms feed a spring.  All animate creatures benefit from this non-human outward process and no one makes a profit.


I have had fun playing around with YouTube editor and have compiled several videos I have taken recently on my walks to work.  I call this reflections.  Try to stay to the end to meet my little friends:)

I find this all very interesting…exploring the idea of still photography versus video.  Of course this is all draft…but it is so good to exercise my eye and mind…good preparation for the years to come.


Sights and sounds of natural momentum

I walk to my night job often and walk home in the morning.  Each way is about an hour and a half.  In the middle of my walk is the sound (or bay) with views of the water, some islands and mountains, clouds, ferries, some ships, and the city skyline.  At one end of the walk is the concrete city (where my night job is).  At the other end is the freight train operation.  These days…my only joy or moment of feeling somewhat alive is during the middle of my walk…in the evening around 9 pm…and in the morning around 7:30 am.  This video is of my morning walk home from work.  The previous video was at the end of my morning walk.  On some mornings…I am so exhausted that I can barely walk straight or stay awake…the walk is almost painful.  On other mornings…I feel invigorated.  I will take more videos of these walks over the next few days…the between…and the ends.  If you understand me…it is the between that keeps me from putting an end to my existence.  I have put an end to my journal-like entry posts:)  I know where I need to go.  I am enjoying this weird transition of less words and draft photography and video.

Precious Drops

Precious Drops

My appologies for the poor image, but this subject has been on my mind from recent walks in the forest.  I encounted much more beautiful opportunities to capture this same subject in the forest, but I didn’t take my cheap two-bit cell phone with me on those walks.