Aphorism 77

Power, wealth, influence — in the human outward — is dependent on moving the masses in a certain direction.  This is called “marketing”.  True power doesn’t concern itself with numbers, paper money, or the human outward.  Real power is independent of the human outward.  This power can be found in the human inward and the non-human outward.  

Aphorism 76

There is an inverse relationship between creativity and success.  Creativity requires pain, struggle, poverty, thoughts of eternity and man’s place relative to the unknown.  Fame, success, riches, comfort…is merely an affirmation of what is and not of what could be.

Aphorism 75

The human aspiring for more than what humanity has defined as success must first look back, way back, to those high spirits, artists, composers, poets, that came before.      Our poets, musicians, composers, artists, and philosophers today that haven’t studied and admired those exceptional beings that have come before are way behind — human time doesn’t equal progress.  There are peaks, valleys, abysses, and then there is eternity.

Aphorism 74

The higher of us create art, music, poetry, and thought — they seek more than all that is animate and non-human and they seek more than most that are human.  They are the best souls amongst us, but they are not rich, powerful, comfortable, or known.

A few may rise into the known via their unchallenged genius, but the baser of us uses them for their own banal interests –their torch or delicate flower offered to us is snuffed out or trampled upon, or used for a profit or tweaked for an agenda.  We pick the wrong role models and heroes and exploit the genius and authentic spirits to perpetuate our mis-guided direction.

Aphorism 73

Fill your belly with quality food and drink, make love to a woman you love, kiss your offspring good night, lay down and sleep in your comfortable bed.  Wake up and go make your money and repeat the cycle.  Do you still want more?  What do you want that you don’t already have?  An additional woman, another child, a bigger house, a nicer car, more money, more power?  Where does it end?  

Aphorism 69

Debt, credit, the IOU with interest, are significant tools used by the few to enslave the many.  No such tools exist in all that is non-human — energy expensed equals energy received with no imterest.  Abolish these tools and the few lose a means to their disproportional and unnaturual control, power, and wealth.