Aphorism 72

The Lion mates for hours with his harem, indulges first in their fresh kill,  and then he sleeps.  He does this over and over again until he is dethroned by a younger more powerful lion — he goes off to die alone and becomes food for the hyenas, vultures, and bacteria.  


Aphorism 69

Debt, credit, the IOU with interest, are significant tools used by the few to enslave the many.  No such tools exist in all that is non-human — energy expensed equals energy received with no imterest.  Abolish these tools and the few lose a means to their disproportional and unnaturual control, power, and wealth.

Human Value

ImageWhat is the human being worth minus fresh water, clean oceans, healthy soil, abundant wild life, pure air, and the sun?  Zero.  We have over-valued the worth of ourselves.  We have egos larger than our self-created gods in our own image.  Ask our fellow man, woman, and child…those that survived and witnessed the worst from typhoon Haiyan….what they think about my premise…only they have the enlightened disposition at this blink of time to answer true or false.  The rest of us are sedate with full bellies, mind numbing TV, and shelter…oblivious to the power and uncaring nature of the universe and beyond.