Generation Skip — Site Location

The first step in creating this utopian construct is finding a location site for the birth of Generation Skip.   Before I get into this topic, I want to point out that Generation Skip isn’t the name of this utopian construct, rather, this term merely signifies a break from the wheel or treadmill that generation upon generation has been subjected to for far too long.  Selecting a location site for this utopian foundation should not be underestimated.  If we look back in time, it is clear that the geological features surrounding a culture had huge implications and impacts on the beings that dwelled there.  The features, the resources, the fauna, the temperatures, the seasons, all impacted the development of the culture.  The surrounding land and water features, climate, plants and animals, seeped into their very being. 

The location site could be anywhere in the world but we must ensure that the following minimum criteria is achieved.  First, the site must be relatively isolated from the current human world.  Second, the location must be well protected by the existing society outside the perimeter which would act as a sort of guardian, nanny, or distant mother.  Third, the site must have fertile land and resources which can enable the culture to become self-sufficient over time.  Fourth, the location should be surrounded by abundant and bountiful nature, beauty — unspoiled.  We could put these sprouts in the middle of a desert or an arctic icescape, which would be interesting, but why not pick a site with fresh rivers, forests, mountains, ocean, and or fertile plains?  Why not place them among the noble wild beasts, the Orca, the bear, the eagle, the hawk, the wolf, or the tiger, the crocodile, the python, and the leopard?  Such unspoiled places do still exist.

We mustn’t get hung up on one site, for I envision many utopian constructs developing all over the world in a wide variety of geographic landscapes and fauna.  We want variety, differentiation, experimentation, and variation.  We do not want one singular solution, but we do want environments and locations that meet the basic criteria outlined above.  And we most certainly want open frameworks that free these upstart human utopias from the wheel.   What is that?  Did you say “utopias” as opposed to just utopia?  Yes, I did.  Do you foresee potential conflicts, disagreements, war, between these various experimental utopias?  Do you foresee potential conflicts, disagreements, war, between these various utopian constructs and the status quo societies – us?  I will be interested to see how these new upstart cultures deal with such tension between themselves and with the cultures that surround them at large after they have been enlightened to man’s history.   

I have offered some images in this post and I would love to have a vote if we had to choose just one site, but I am afraid we don’t have enough visitors to make it interesting.  As such, I enjoy contemplating multiple utopian site locations as well as multiple utopian solutions and visions sprouting up from these virgin, unspoiled, free territories.  The potential, the imagination, is wide open, limitless, and open to be defined.  The next post will briefly discuss the temporary infrastructure to support these new upstart communities.

The Crazy Truth

Bill O’reilly November 16th, 2011. 

“In the beginning, there was some sympathy toward the protesters, who believe the federal government should take action against financial institutions that cheat. In the face of the terrible recession, that message is a powerful one, and so the “Occupy Wall Street” movement got some traction.

But the more we saw and heard, the more fair-minded Americans came to believe that the “Occupiers” were not interested in legitimate issues. Many of them simply want to blow up the economic system.

In addition, some of their behavior was and is reprehensible: all kinds of violent crime, all kinds of provocation against the police, all kinds of depraved behavior in general.

A picture taken by the New York Post shows hypodermic needles that were taken out of the New York City site. Isn’t that nice? I don’t believe we saw any hypodermic needles at the Tea Party protests, or am I wrong?

The left-wing media is still trying to portray the “Occupiers” as the liberal equivalent to the Tea Party. One simple question: Would you prefer that your daughter demonstrate with the Tea Party people or with the “Occupiers”? You make the call, remembering the hypodermic needles.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll asked: Do you consider yourself a supporter of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement? Sixty-three percent of Americans say they do not support the movement; just 28 percent say they do.

Because President Obama was sympathetic to the movement in the beginning, along with many members of the Democratic Party, this presents a big political problem for them. And so officials in 11 cities got on a conference call to discuss how to deal with the “Occupiers.”

JEAN QUAN, MAYOR, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA: What had started as a political movement and a political encampment ended up being an encampment that was no longer in control of the people who started them.

And that’s true. To be fair — and we always are on “The Factor” — some of the “Occupy” protesters are well-intentioned folks who believe the financial system is no longer fair. That’s a legitimate debate. But they have been overrun by thugs, anarchists and the crazies who intimidate. If you are a violent person, people usually back off.

So the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is dead, finished as a legitimate political force in this country. And that’s a good thing.”

My response:

Isn’t this brilliant?  Notice how often Bill mentions hypodermic needles.  Bill, you are looking for needles in a haystack!  The fact of the matter is our country is messed up.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is an adolescent event that foreshadows more severe and broader protests to come.  So wipe that cocky smirk off your face Bill.   That is a memo.

Socrates, Jesus, Darwin, Beethoven, Einstein, and George Washington came back from the dead to review the state of America.  Socrates examined our souls, Jesus reviewed our spirituality, Darwin assessed our evolutionary potential and the environment, Beethoven observed our music and culture, Einstein analyzed our employment of scientific knowledge, and Washington reviewed our political and economic environment.  All of these men were terrified by what they observed, but they couldn’t all agree on a solution or compose a clear singular sound bite for the media. 

Bill interviewed this group of men and listened to each of their opinions on the current state of America and suggestions to make improvements.  He was shocked by their responses and inability to agree and design a “legitimate” solution within the current construct of our economic and political systems.  As such, he concluded they were a bunch of far left liberal loonies, crazies, and anarchists. 

Murder by Numbers

  1.  I.Q.
  2. GPA
  4. FICO (Credit Score)
  5. KLOUT (new term)
  7. AGE
  10. RACE (1 to 5)

Now, The Three Musketeers  — Employers, Government, Marketers (includes the media) have all the numbers they need to herd us into groups for the slaughter.  TWEET…herd em up cowboys. 

In order to make the round-up easier, important to minimize #1 and inflate #2-3. 

In order to grow and expand the system to show “progress” must maximize #8-9…use religion as an aphrodisiac and later as novocaine

Finally, over-time, slowly but carefully drain #6 such that #4-5 no longer matter.

Leave #10 in case they discover our scheme —  we can play the race card to turn them against each other while we pack up our winnings and get the hell out of the country.  We can take our dog and pony show somewhere else…afterall there are 6.7 billion other cows to herd up and slaughter.


We offer our being

Give and receive

Short-term distant pleasure

From work performed

Passion absent

No Eternal Love

For those yet to come

Spiritless energy

Spent and consumed

For money

Warm corpses

Sitting in homes

Driving cars

Painting our white picket fences

But the pimps have all the money

And in the end

We are all alone


Soul Crushers

We all met in his relatively large office as requested at 8 am sharp. Dressed in our style less business casual costumes, with note pads in hands, some with coffee, we engaged in nervous small talk and meaningless office banter.  We all had inflated titles; salaries, bonuses, stock options, but our leader edged us out on all fronts.  Balding red hair, pasty pale complexion, tiny glasses, fabricated gym build, God-fearing man loaded with self-righteousness, he looked at us and said in a southern twang, “Boys, today is the day of reckoning”.      

Like most of the employees, our tragic hero probably pulled into the office parking lot between 8:30 and 9:00 am – just as he had done every weekday for over ten years.  His wife packed him a little lunch in a nap sack, just as she had done every weekday for over ten years.  It was a Friday.  Eight hours of work and he would be free to enjoy the weekend with his wife and two little girls.  To him, it was just another Friday morning.  He would take the elevator to the fourth floor, put his nap sack in the employee fridge, grab a cup of coffee, say hi to a few other employees in the kitchen, walk to his director sized office, boot up the computer, look at the most recent e-mails, check his voicemail, review his calendar, and then begin to prioritize his day. 

I was one of the fortunate puppet leaders.  I didn’t have to lay anyone off in my department, but I was given an assignment.  My job on this Black Friday, in which over ten thousand people were losing their jobs, was to assist another puppet leader with one of his sackings.  He would deliver the news read from a corporate published script and then call me when he was finished and move on to his next sacking.  My role was to stand there while the employee packed up his things and make sure no corporate property was damaged or taken.  I was required to obtain the employee’s corporate security card, office key, and escort him to his car.  I didn’t really know this employee, our tragic hero, but I had exchanged words with him on occasion in the company kitchen.  I didn’t really know what he did at work, but he was a nice intelligent looking gentleman probably in his mid forties and he managed a handful of employees.

By the time I arrived at our tragic hero’s office, the damage was done.  He had begun the process of packing his things away into a card board box.  I sat down on one of the chairs in his nice office.  I watched him pick up a picture of his two little girls.  He looked at it for a moment, let out a deep sigh, and said, “ten years…and for what?”  He put the picture in his box.  At this moment, he realized that his decade of work was perceived worthless.  Ten years of energy and youth spent and consumed resulted in zero perceived value.  All along he had been deceived.  Each year he had gotten a raise.  Each year he had received positive reviews.  Over time he had been promoted to greater responsibility.  The company and his work had become a dominant piece of who he was.  His identity and sense of self-worth had morphed into an exterior entity — an entity that appeared to have a mission, a soul, a purpose.  He gave this phenomenon his being and in exchange it gave him money and a sense of belonging.  On what was expected to be a typical Friday morning, in a single soul crushing moment, the truth was suddenly revealed.