Many say an artist is egotistical or selfish.  This is false.  The artist is one of the most altruistic and valuable of human beings.  The artist wants to share with others what they see as the most sublime of all things…what is of value…what is beauty…what is ugly…what is love…what is hate…what is light…what is dark.  The artist wants others to see what is significant.

dsc_1021bPhotograph by Margo Wiessman

Sparked-up Sign-Post


White Spark, Margo Wiessman, Absolute Winter, Snow Flake, and I am sure she has other names…re-worked my images of images on photo shop…and she did quite a job.  I have offered her a job to be my lab assistant…will have to wait and see…lol…go check out her site and beautiful photographs…Margo Wiessman.  Thank you Margo for playing around with these and giving them some life.  Perhaps I will have to give up film and go digital…yet more reliance on technology!!!!


Ansel Adams

I will continue with my journal writing project, but I already know where I am leading myself — to devote serious time and energy to landscape photography in the Northwest.  This man below inspired me in the past…and he still does today.  I found this short creative piece to be very “soothing”.  Strange word to use isn’t it?  This post is also for White Spark…a very talented and dedicated photographer who also likes Ansel Adams.  Visit her site and see some of her honest work if you have time…especially the winter photographs…because for some reason…she likes winter.