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Musings on the Human Momentum and thinking about what that means to you and I and future generations.

Amusement Park Earth

I took my son to Mt. Rainier yesterday.  The drive there and back was hell.  So many damn cars.  We waited 40 minutes to buy pass to access the National park.  Once we arrived at Paradise, it was like an amusement park.  Masses of people and baby strollers.  We hiked up a few miles and even then peace and quiet was hard to come by.  Fucking people talking loud taking selfies with noble mountain in background.  Humans view earth as their amusement park.  Little do they know earth or universe doesn’t exist for their petty existence or amusement.20181013_144436


All of this doesn’t matter. Eat, fuck, sleep, or starve, don’t fuck, or don’t sleep. Find love in another and enjoy the sunset, the clouds, the breeze. Leave all of human endeavors to them.