Aphorism 36

A spring forms a creek, several creeks form a stream, several streams form a river, several rivers feed an ocean, several oceans feed the clouds, several clouds form a storm, several storms feed a spring.  All animate creatures benefit from this non-human outward process and no one makes a profit.

Aphorism 35

The human outward created banks, investment banks, and Wall Street.  These entities make profits on the distribution and flow of money to those that make the greatest profits.  Essentially, they make profits on profits which take even more money away from the workers and customers.  This explains why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Aphorism 34

The human outward invented the concept called credit or debt or loan.  Credit is the plug for profit.  Those workers and customers from which a profit is made use credit, debt, and loans to live.  Of course their interest payments make them more poor and the rich richer.  Credit is just a means to prolong an economic collapse and revolution.

Aphorism 33

The human outward invented a concept called profit.  What is a profit?  A profit is when one makes more money relative to the cost.  Therefore the one that profits either charges the customer too much money or he under-pays those that perform the work to produce the product for sale.  Those that both under-pay their workers and over-charge their customers make the greatest profit.  This is why there are far more poor than rich.

Aphorism 26

The non-human outward has no conception of profit or loss–that is a human outward concept.  The non-human outward indiscriminately creates and destroys.  That which was destroyed is reused for the next creation.  This process is eternal.  The human inward instincts relate to this eternal process, but are suppressed and misdirected by the pressures of the human outward.