Aphorism 64

For the vast majority of mankind life is merely a mechanical grind from which the few benefit.  The few are either brighter or the vast majority are dim-witted.  The truth is somewhere in between — but that truth is a relative truth — the solution can be found in all that is non-human — that would require thinking about mankind relative to all that is non-human and eternal.  It would require a mass movement to seek the truth and fathom mankind’s place relative to the truth.  It would require a complete annihilation of the human ego.

Aphorism 58

Mankind has not invented the means to liberate himself from the natural flow of the non-human animate and inanimate non-human outward. All that he has accomplished is a short-lived insulation from the eternal reality. There are visible cracks in the plaster–the cold is silently creeping in.