Aphorism 25

Those that gain exceptional profits transacting and perpetuating the human outward go bankrupt in the realm of the human inward and non-human outward.





Aphorism 17

The human outward has accomplished the following: built an infrastructure to support 8 billion humans.  A large number don’t enjoy an easy or fruitful life, but the infrastructure enables them to plod along.   But this is nothing to beat our chests over.  Ants have us beat in both numbers and longevity. And the ants don’t spoil the earth, water, and air.

Aphorism 16

The higher worth of the human inward compared to the human outward has been proven throughout man’s short existence by the exceptional and extraordinary composers, poets, scientists, and philosophers.  These extraordinary individuals had the courage and intellectual capacity to better align their human inward with the non-human outward despite the immense pressure and mis-guided momentum of the human outward.