Terrorism / Racism

Terrorism, racism, religionism, classism, sexism, fascism, isiminisms…all out of touch with universalism. Look to inhumanism.   photo (11)


Universe Without Humans

I know this is hard for you to wrap your head around.  Afterall, what do you see with your eyes and hear with your ears, or smell with your nose?  All you see, hear, smell…is humanity.

To be blunt, humanity makes me sick.  I am bored with us, what we do, what we say, what we value, what we create, and most importantly, what we focus on, which is ourselves.

What a complete waste of potential to participate in the infinate whole.  Of course participation in the great unknown would require a fundamental understanding that we are but a product of infinity, a grain of sand on a beach continously ruled by the whims of the mighty pacific and beyond.

Imagine the world without us.  Is it better off?  Is it more environmetally friendly?  Is it more beautiful, diverse, and wholesome?



Just another link in the chain we choose to shackel around our neck in the blind hope to free ourselves of our own bondage.  Clinton was merely an alternative link.  Neither matters.  We enslaved ourselves the moment we bought into the idea a piece of paper or a coin represents a means to trade equal value.  The president of the United States is merely that of a care taker.  The nation, like all others, as measured by paper value, is dead.