Aphorism 67

The only way out of the human quagmire is to reduce our numbers, significantly increase human intelligence throughout the reduced population, develop a new means to measure value created and value earned that abolishes those current means easily manipulated to gain immense power and wealth by the few, and encourage a cultural renaissance that attempts to understand man’s place and purpose relative to infinity, eternity, the great unknown that man has conveniently suppressed with the concept of God.

Aphorism 35

The human outward created banks, investment banks, and Wall Street.  These entities make profits on the distribution and flow of money to those that make the greatest profits.  Essentially, they make profits on profits which take even more money away from the workers and customers.  This explains why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Aphorism 33

The human outward invented a concept called profit.  What is a profit?  A profit is when one makes more money relative to the cost.  Therefore the one that profits either charges the customer too much money or he under-pays those that perform the work to produce the product for sale.  Those that both under-pay their workers and over-charge their customers make the greatest profit.  This is why there are far more poor than rich.