Aphorism 43

The human-outward is rogue relative to the non-human outward and the human-inward.  Natural instincts are diverted by religion, the social and economic “isms”, which creates a rogue momentum relative to that which is natural, real, and eternal.  The human-outward manufactures its own reality that is not recognized by the truth.

Aphorism 33

The human outward invented a concept called profit.  What is a profit?  A profit is when one makes more money relative to the cost.  Therefore the one that profits either charges the customer too much money or he under-pays those that perform the work to produce the product for sale.  Those that both under-pay their workers and over-charge their customers make the greatest profit.  This is why there are far more poor than rich.

Aphorism 31

Ever since man invented currency and placed value on paper, minerals, jewels and coins, he lost sight of what true wealth is to the human existence and perpetuation and advancement of that existence.  Human energy focused and applied for an ever progressing momentum generation after generation is a worthy goal.  Accumulating as much paper and gold rocks in a single lifetime is nothing more than the process of a child becoming a professional thief cloaked in a suit and tie.