Life From The Lifeless

Spirits and illusions have died,
The naked mind lives
In the beauty of inanimate things.

Flowers wither, grass fades, trees wilt,
The forest is burnt;
The rock is not burnt.

The deer starve, the winter birds
Die on their twigs and lie
In the blue dawns in the snow.

Men suffer want and become
Curiously ignoble; as prosperity
Made them curiously vile.

But look how noble the world is,
The lonely-flowing waters, the secret-
Keeping stones, the flowing sky.

By Robinson Jeffers


I have had fun playing around with YouTube editor and have compiled several videos I have taken recently on my walks to work.  I call this reflections.  Try to stay to the end to meet my little friends:)

I find this all very interesting…exploring the idea of still photography versus video.  Of course this is all draft…but it is so good to exercise my eye and mind…good preparation for the years to come.