I have found yet another kindred spirit…in an unexpected place…a reason to keep blogging into the vastness of eternity…of course this idea…and other ideas I contemplate…also are mentioned in the movie The Matrix…not sure many people contemplate these ideas…even if they are lightly salted in an action movie.

Barking In The Dark

I am now approaching my seventy fourth year and I have seen, and been royally ticked off, by quite enough mankind has done to date, thank you.


It has led me to long wonder if we “civilized” human beings are, in fact, merely a virus, perhaps the most viral parasitic species on the planet. I think ample evidence exists that it is possible we have always been this virus upon the earth cloaked in the guise of a highly evolved, positive, and creative life form. Scientists have long sought the missing link. Is it possible that we are the missing link? Is it possible that we are an imperfect species in the process of morphing into something other than what we now are…if we don’t completely destroy our planet before we get to whatever it is our next stage will be? And this is a very large…

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Something we all can celebrate as one species…and with all species…and with the inanimate…which we will also join…only to be used once again…to create the animate.

art rat cafe

The golden child is in my heart today, touching me beyond my understanding. It is this holy seed of touch that moves my heart to sing. The perception has become the meditation; the unseen interplay of space and form; the burning line of fusion, where names dissolve and definitions are consumed by fire. This womb of immaculate co-existence magics all. Being and non-being dance the shadow play of life as planets echo themselves through the still lakes of night. All converges at the inner point of silence, the luminous dream of creation fills the world and everything that has ever come to be is reaffirmed by this renaissance of resplendent light.

(Photo and poem by Clinock). Re-Post from 2011

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Another good piece for contemplation regarding the recent murder of children. This author lives in Ireland. I agree with much of the content…only piece I diverge is that I am agnostic…


This world is broken, and I wonder is there a way and a will to fix it. I pray to God to guide us, the oppressed of this world, and show us how to fix it. This world that was given to every human being it seems now is only for a chosen few. Those with wealth have the right to sit and talk with the leaders of their country to ask for favours, and to create policies that will create more wealth for them. Those of us who are marginalised do not have that same right. We are not given time to speak to our leaders and ask for polices to enhance our lives. We are not important to the leaders, who by the way we put where they are, in order that they create an equal and civil society. We are important to God, we are all God’s…

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I found this to be an interesting perspective…the author searches for a more complex explanation as to the increase in mass shootings. I too have socialistic impulses…a model like Denmark (blend of socialism and capitalism)…but…I fear it just won’t work in our country…the momentum is too great…the cycles of have most and have little has created an intellectual vacuum…you can’t change the tires while in motion…ironically…the only place to start anew…is with the young…a break from what is…and here we are…murdering them…with guns…or bankruptcy…sorry kids…the government spent all the money and has nothing left but a huge IOU…and you need to figure out how to pay it back…maybe you can get a loan at 20% interest from the uber rich

Barking In The Dark

I suspect that this latest tragedy in Connecticut – and all the other mass shootings, is the unavoidably inevitable result of a system that will steadfastly not  guarantee all it’s citizens a good free education, birth to death healthcare, and fails to maintain and build on its once great manufacturing base thereby losing work for its citizens, but instead continues to squander it’s abundant riches on waging wars, building a larger and larger military – with all it’s ancillary trappings, in order to assert its hegemony – all the while creating an ever widening have and have-not society which breeds anger, ignorance, desperation, and the ultimate resulting violence – and the need to loudly proclaim “I exist, I am, look what a fearful thing I can do.”     

 I am afraid that unless capitalism rights itself (when hell freezes over) this condition will only worsen – and lead to bigger and greater tragedies. If this sounds a bit like a wish for benign…

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I enjoyed this poem…fits in with much content that I try to express

Samantha Mariah Jane

I believe in the Golden Rule,
and that two wrongs don’t make a right.
That for some beliefs, and those we love,
we need to take a stand and fight.

I believe in right and wrong,
Shining through the thick gray steel,
not since a book has told me so,
but from what I learn and feel.

I believe I’ve much to learn,
and that it’s wise to question truth.
For he who claims to know it all,
is surely King of Fools.

I believe in Mother Nature,
her beauty and her power.
Miraculous. Mysterious.
Indiscriminate mix of showers.

I believe that life is good,
an uphill climb each day,
where life’s rewards aren’t found up top,
but in the journey along the way.

I believe I’ll wake in the morn,
as I’ve done thus far til now.
and yet I know there comes a time,
when I’ll have no more tomorrows.

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I thought the art piece was pretty intense…not sure about the comments on men though…lol

Martha Chiara


Could it be that I am just dumb as shit. I look forward to something, feel like an animal. I am not walking, I am not living, I am not. Everything around you is cust dark and I am fucking hurt, but never show it, just do not. Emotions are weaknesses, they can harm you. No expressions, no movements, no admitting, ’cause when you do, they hurt you. They they they will hurt you, they do. All these men, complexed you are and may it be, that family is the reason for it. Hell lives in you, explosions of emotions, metal music. Break out, break it, everything, and you never give away

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