Lonely Stars

Burning bright

Shedding light

Out into the dark void


Noble fire

Lonely desire

Roaring into the silence


Why do you blaze

With such ferocious power

And wage war with darkness


Billions of years

Billions of stars

Flaming into obscurity


But our sun has a purpose

To provide for life on the small blue planet

In order to feed and keep warm intelligent humans


How disgusted our sun must be

To expend so much energy

On a harvest consumed to dust

True Love

True Love is the grand enigma

Often obscured by human stigma

Two spirits growing not as one

Else in the end neither have won

Fate plays the leading role

Binding two by the soul

Free Will takes the reigns

Together as two we break the chains

True Love flows from the source

Perpetual force propels the course

Carves through rock in constant motion

Powering its way to the expansive ocean

Sunlight sparkles on the great expanse

Dew crawls up the beaming lance

Love transforms to a billowing height

Zeus hurls bolts with all his might

Thunder pounds ethereal life

Slicing false love in two with a knife

True love absorbs the rumble

Enjoys the power in their passionate tumble

A Legacy

No living atom comes at last to naught!
Active in each is still the eternal Thought:
Hold fast to Being if thou wouldst be blest.
Being is without end; for changeless laws
Bind that from which the All its glory draws
Of living treasures endlessly possessed.

Unto the wise of old this truth was known,
Such wisdom knit their noble souls in one;
Then hold thou still the lore of ancient days!
To that high power thou ow’st it, son of man,
By whose decree the earth its circuit ran
And all the planets went their various ways.
Then inward turn at once thy searching eyes;

Thence shalt thou see the central truth arise
From which no lofty soul goes e’er astray;
There shalt thou miss no needful guiding sign-
For conscience lives, and still its light divine
Shall be the sun of all thy moral day.
Next shalt thou trust thy senses’ evidence,
And fear from them no treacherous offence
While the mind’s watchful eye thy road commands:
With lively pleasure contemplate the scene
And roam securely, teachable, serene,
At will throughout a world of fruitful lands.
Enjoy in moderation all life gives:
Where it rejoices in each thing that lives
Let reason be thy guide and make thee see.
Then shall the distant past be present still,
The future, ere it comes, thy vision fill-
Each single moment touch eternity.
Then at the last shalt thou achieve thy quest,
And in one final, firm conviction rest:
What bears for thee true fruit alone is true.
Prove all things, watch the movement of the world
As down the various ways its tribes are whirled;
Take thou thy stand among the chosen few.
Thus hath it been of old; in solitude
The artist shaped what thing to him seemed good,
The wise man hearkened to his own soul’s voice.
Thus also shalt thou find thy greatest bliss;
To lead where the elect shall follow-this
And this alone is worth a hero’s choice.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Great Divide

Three thousand miles apart

Pacific Ocean here

Atlantic Ocean there

Towering mountains in between

 Heart ripped in half

Young blossoming youth here

Silky hard warmth there

Deep falling canyon in between

 Blood gushing from the tear

Love for son here

Love for woman there

Can’t cross the Great Divide

Growing weak and faint

Less to give here

Less to give there

I meet death halfway

Bottomless Hole

There are days I fall low

Think I hit bottom


Begin to claw my way up

Pride sheds like dead skin

Sun warms fingers

But I fall again



Begin to claw again

Blood stains cold rock

Eyes see light

But I fall again



Begin to claw once more

Soul leaks from open wounds

Can hear birds singing

But I fall once more



Don’t have much left

To begin my crawl

Take My Trembling Hand

I understand how you feel

No need for words

I too am hanging on

By a few frayed threads

All those faceless women

Coming through your door

Headboard banging against the wall

Primal sounds pierce the night

A flash of forgetful pleasure

Then silence

Out the door they stumble

You alone in your bed

The daylight will come

Your problems still there

Swimming in debt

The court date is set

Three times cuffed

Is no drunken charm

They will take all away

Yet still you live like a whore

More flashes of joy

Hedonistic pleasures

To be repaid with interest

The walls are closing in

There is no escape

Except that one option

What is that you mumble?

You want to surrender?

Life is no longer worth it?

Leave your debt behind?

Unpaid years of whoredom?

But this is no option

My friend

You have two little girls

This is no noble Roman act

Accept your punishment

Realize your mistakes

Let them knock you to the ground

Wallow in your fall

From once peak economic heights

Reflect on how you got here

Redefine what peak height means

Begin to slowly crawl

Get to your knees

Try to stand

I am your friend

I will not hand you a knife

But I offer my trembling hand

We can stand together

Walk with me

And at least try

To begin anew


Ocean currents

Travel far


Invisible breeze


Effortless flight


Endless flows


Silently moves

Star light

Infinite directions

Heavenly bodies

Eternal motion

Only the animate

Marks territory

With urine and scent

Fabricated borders

Pretend territories

False barriers

Let it go

Let it flow

Flaming Sword

Ah…an unexpected productive day on the blog.  Somehow, I was able to overcome Beethoven’s 7th symphony movement #2, to find some voice and words worth expressing.  My final poem or muse…and then sleep.  No need to wait and proof in the morning.  This draft is good enough for a blog.  One can always improve words, but I am tired and satisfied.  Good night fellow man…and woman…sweet dreams.

Here I float



Latent energy

Naïve hope


Available to ignite

For a purpose

A grand vision

But I know what the future holds

My fuel will again be burnt

On the banal task

For money

To “earn” a living

To make a profit

Flesh slowly decays

Muscles wither away

Brain turns to mush

Bones begin to crack

Spirit worn away

Like the rocks from the pounding surf

Forced to carve a small niche

A quiet cove

Away from humankind

To enjoy slivers of beauty

Scraps of fulfillment

Oh modern civilized man

How many more beings will you sacrifice?

Slaughter to your small greedy task?

Look in the mirror

Review your past

Contemplate the Great Abyss

Imagine the future

To understand our true purpose

We were designed to excel

To challenge our uninterested God

To fight the Grand War

Thrust the flaming sword

Into the heart of darkness

And die a Noble Death


Not alone



Wasted unused potential

Powerless Love

Beautiful little woman

Inside and out

Small but tall

Petite yet firm

Quiet and strong

Long flowing jet black hair

Fair skin rarely touched

Pretty full lips sparingly shared

Heart and soul burned to iron

To battle the world at hand

A brave warrior you have become

Armor surrounds your being

If only I could wisp you away

In both time and space

To when you were just a little girl

To a place worthy of you

When and where you could be

A woman with a trusting heart

With an ocean-wide expansive soul

Free as the wind to become

The woman you were meant to be

And I

A man

Worthy of your love

“God’s” Worthy Opponent

Beautiful ruler of the seas

Power and grace supreme

Perfect form slicing the expanse

Stealth shocking death

Turns Ocean blue red

Shiny black mysterious night

Glistening white glacial ice

War paint

Dreams from wolfish past

Howling at the moon

Terrifying raw freedom

Roaming wild intelligence

Natural strength embraces abyss

No fabricated tools or laws

Noble opponent to inanimate might

Bright beast confronts infinite chaos

The eternal Battle of the Titans

Man merely a misinformed spectator

Or long gone

Failing to comprehend the Grand War