Call of the Wild

Call of the WildAs I attempt to recuperate, after four nights of slave labor, I had a thought to get me on to my next journal entry.  It seems, to me, that we lost something when we became civilized.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  But, it seems like we exchanged our wild nature for a domesticated existence.  Through that exchange, it seems to me…that we lost something valuable.  We exchanged fear for security, survival for co-dependence, hunger for contentment, cold for warmth, toughness for softness…alert senses for sleep.  Are we like dogs, cattle, sheep, or animals caged in a zoo?

9 thoughts on “Call of the Wild

  1. Of course we exchanged it – do you really want to be in the ‘wild’ again – do you know ‘the wild’? have you watched or read ‘The Road’? I have lived in the bush – no chance there for making art – it is all survival – only the fittest survive – a bloody and unending dance for existence – not at all romantic…

    • I haven’t watched or read the “Road”… will look it up. We are in the wild John…we just don’t realize it anymore because we have done everything in our power to insulate ourselves from it…detached ourselves…and replaced our wild senses and existence with this…with a world focused on ourselves…as though everything that matters centers on us…all 7 billion. I would prefer a wild existence…although we are no longer equipped for the wild as you say…I would prefer to be a wolf…or an Orca…or a dolphin…maybe in another life.

  2. I just had to laugh, in amused way of course. 🙂 I just don’t see it. What is so advantageous about being wild and living the life of so savages? What is that valuable thing, I don’t see it.

    We have some groups of people (call them tribes, if you want) that just haven’t really fully integrated into civilisation. Some people enjoy that as it gives them something to add to their travel itinerary and marvel at. These African natives that stiil roam the earth naked, draped in only beads, with spear and bow and arrows in hand, one family eating from the same pot passed around father, mother to children, in this day and age. I understand there are some in parts of Asia too.

    It sounds a bit fascinating and romantic maybe, but there’s nothing funny about a group of people that rustle their neighbours’ cattle for a pass time and shoot everything and anything or anyone that stands in their way. Neighbouring communities lived in terror. Government efforts to disarm them for the safety of everyone else were a real struggle. The area is more passable, though, lately. The children don’t go to school, the land is predominantly arid, the community poor, yet intervention wasn’t readily accepted. The area is rich in gold, which some unknown individuals ‘steal’ with no help to this community. The community can’t fight back, it’s not adequately equipped to do so, and I don’t mean just guns. That wouldn’t cut it, seeing as the exploiters of this community are not stopped by the government, which we have to assume is not ignorant of these goings on, then we can assume they have a stake in this exploitation. No surprise there. And of course the government has more guns. That community needs better equiping than guns.

    One might say those people are free to live as wild and savegely as they want, but are they really? To an extent maybe they are. But to protect their neighbours who want the freedom and have the right to live in safety with their cattle and not have their women violated as usually happens in such activities as cattle raids and gun fights, this community had to be domesticated a bit.

    The area is called Karamoja and the people Karamojong. Growing up, there was always a saying we heard, used to mean ‘hurry up’. It went, ‘We shall not wait for Karamoja to develop,’ and variations like, ‘Do you think we are going to stand here waiting for Karamoja to develop?’ Etc. Now, there is a minister dedicated to just that region. The Minister for Karamoja Affairs. It happens to be the First Lady. Some say it’s the gold. I’ve heard it said the President chose her for that ministry because she did such a good job with her constituency of her home town where she was elected MP. Hmm. 🙂

    So, I’m not sure what we lost by losing our wild life, apart from the savage life itself which I’m certain I don’t miss. I’m also glad that even during those savage times, my culture (Ganda culture) wasn’t one that believed in Female Genital Mutilation. And FGM is something the Karamojong, Sebei, Masai, among others claim as a cultural rite and right. Those 3 are some of the wilder cultural groups in Africa. I’m certain those girls don’t wanna lose their parts. Give me domestication and security any day.

    Even when man lived in the wild, though, I think there was some level of domestication. We did live in communities after all. The animals caged in the zoo would enjoy being free and roaming the wild. Would we? I don’t know. We’d probably find some caves and once again make homes of them, surrounding them with fires at night to keep away our brothers on fours.

    • This is a wonderful response and I appreciate your perspective and insight. I also appreciate that you took the time to write a thorough reply. I think, and I highly recommend this book, that if you read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, you might have a better understanding of what feelings I am trying to express in this short post. On a practical and realistic level, I really like what you have written here. Does my post and message indicate a yearning to go back to spears and nakedness and anarchy…rape and pillage…no rights or protection for women or weaker men…

      Well, that wasn’t the image I had in mind when writing this post. Really, all I was trying to convey is that I often feel dead…like a zombie…tired…lazy…lifeless. In fact, I felt this way when I was making good money…even more so in fact. All the things we do to maintain our domestic existence I feel in fact numbs our potential for life or to feel alive. Don’t get me wrong…I think if we understood what we needed to do to be comfortable and enable more freedom to live…I wouldn’t have such feelings or cravings or fantasies about being wild…but I fear we have taken domestication and in fact wealth generation to such a degree that it destroys most of us.

      If I look to the wild…at least of what wild remains…I admire the beauty and freedom of some of the wild creatures…the raptors, the dolphins…the orcas…the big cats…the bears…I can go on and on. Now…when I look at man…it isn’t the cave man or those in a tribe that I look upon as free and beautiful…quite the opposite really. Man is an awkward looking creature in my opinion…well…I know I am very biased…but the female isn’t awkward looking at all…quite beautiful in fact…lol…but…I have seen the human in its beautiful forms through artistic expressions in sculpture and painting. I think the human form can have wildness and beauty…perhaps intelligent refined wildness and beauty. I think some human forms have existed in the past that display such qualities…and I of course turn to ancient Greece, Rome, the Renaissance…the pinnacles of western civilization. I think there were individuals within those eras that display refined wild beauty and freedom. And I think, we can hear refined wildness in certain music from the past…Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, and many many more.

      I have found a sense of wildness pleasing in sports…especially contact sports like American football…and I expressed some of this on the journal post regarding baseball. I feel alive and a sense of refined wildness when I am out and about amongst nature where there aren’t people around. Perhaps we can experience or capture the beauty of wildness in our contemplation or observation of it…thinking of the processes that go on all around us in the inanimate realm. I often think about war. I think war in the past…when men fought with swords or spears or bow and arrow…would be an expression of wildness…where the damage was just limited to humans…not a bomb that destroys everything in the perimeter…I could see myself enjoying war if I strongly believed in the reason for it…and it was fought with skilled weapons…not triggers and bombs…strange isn’t it??? I am not a violent person…but there is still that craving for wildness within…now don’t let this comment about war dominant the above text…it is one of several points…lol. And my dear Kat, here is a video to contemplate my point about war and what appeals to me about it if fought correctly and for a purpose I fully understand…

      • Haha… of course you’re biased, about man being an awkward-looking creature. Lol. And no, the war point didn’t dominate or bias my understanding of what you mean. On reading it, I could actually see what you mean…or so I think. The image that came to mind is one of those Spartan-like wars, and men on horseback heading out to fight for(and out of) their honour. Oh yes, a better picture comes to mind now…the image of war Alexandre Dumas paints. Now I can see someone enjoying that kind of war, just like D’Artagnan and friends.

        Maybe it’s that innate wildness you speak of that’s at the root of my love for action movies. Haha. Yes, yes, I know, none of it is even real or of any value and it’s loads of illusions but I like the adrenaline rush of those action-packed things. My little sister and I had convinced ourselves that it was a result of all those commando-style movies we watched as little girls.

        Anyway, back to the issue at hand. When you describe the wildness you mean as you have above, I do see where you’re coming from and understand what you mean. And now that I do, I find that I don’t have that many more words to add to this comment. Ha-ha. that probably has something to do with the fact that it’s 00:49am (Saturday) here and the brain needs its rest. Or that we’ve reached common ground.

        Really I should make an effort to read all the books you recommend to me, and there are quite a number, I’ll probably have to go and pull a record of all interaction labelled ‘Tincup’.:) *Adds that to her to-do list, lest she forget it.*

        “And my dear Kat…” <— Thanks for reminding me how long I have yet to live, Tincup (as if you're obviously more learned writing doesn't do enough of that!), sounds so paternal! LOL

        Let me head over to my phone (using laptop now) to watch the video. Somehow the phone company has forgotten to bill me for my internet usage. Good morning.

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