21 thoughts on “Freak of Nature

      • Of course you don’t have it in you to hit the “like” button, it is against the grain and instinct and a dark sick thought. I guess my goal isn’t to appeal to everyone.

        Isn’t it funny when a human being, on those rare occasions, is attacked or half eaten by a predator, that we go seek out that terrible sinful beasty to kill it? Something must be wrong with that creature…how dare that it attacked or half ate a human being 😀

  1. =D Really? You find it tragic that we are naturally not in any creature’s food chain! Lol. I’m glad no one’s hunting me down for their next meal:)
    Although such a scenario would probably be good for the universe. Population control, good for earth and future generations and all that.

    • I think it would solve more problems than we can imagine. The big one, as Dragonstrand mentions below, is that it would give us a common threat or enemies, thereby invoking an instinct to cooperate…much like an alien invasion would accomplish as mentione by CatcherofStars. Currently, per ~DS’s~ point we simply turn on ourselves.

  2. I think the point is being missed here the title is after all “Freak of nature”… People sometimes find the truth repugnant, but at the end of the day it’s “you” who has to live with yourself so it’s best to be truthful…

    • LOL…well, there are a few more forces that can help us limit our over-whelming success at reproduction…ourselves (either through our own initiative which goes against the grain or, as we have done time and time again via conflict and war), disease (bacteria), and natural disasters. I myself would prefer our own initiative or the jaws of a powerful beast as opposed to the other options.

      • Yes, that would be a much more interesting end. I’m partial to vogons :), being an avid hitchhiker lol
        As much as I hate cancer and other diseases, they really are necessary.
        I’m such an anarchist……

      • I will need to look up vogons…haven’t heard that term. I haven’t really explored anarchy or the big thinkers on that topic. It seems anarchy would be what would transpire if society can’t find a working structure. What are your thoughts on anarchy? Feel free to direct me to posts on your site if you have already written about it or you can address this question where I asked it again under “Alternative Vision to Capitalism”.

        Other topic…cancer and other diseases very unfortunate and don’t wish it upon anyone…disease is an awful way to go…I am not sure what I would do if I get a serious illness with little chance of survival…would I try to fight it…or take matters into my own hands? At this point it would probably be the later 😉 In fact, no one wishes death upon anyone…just like I don’t like to see the predator get the little baby seal…but the harsh reality is nature knows how to balance itself and keep numbers in check…and it isn’t always a pretty sight is it?

        By the way…back to anarchy…if you go that route you will never make it on Bill Orielly or MSNBC ; )

      • Tincup: Check this out: http://www.anarchiststudies.org/

        I actually submitted for their contest an essay entitled “The MIrage of Authority”, but they found it far more important to give the award to a masturbational academic essay about an egalitarian society of Cuban cigar rollers. 🙂

        The curse of my life–the radicals are never radical enough . . .

  3. The human being is unique in that it is its own most dangerous predator. Aliens need not apply. It preys upon itself all the time in more ways than one, on a variety of different levels, and I have a fair amount of confidence that it will one day succeed in exterminating itself altogether.

  4. I really want to resist sounding like an elitist, but sometimes I wonder if having some kind of natural predator would benefit humankind as a collective. We have gotten to the point where, because of the comfort and safety of contemporary bourgeois life overall — at least in the Western world — recessive traits and shall I say, inferior traits are not bred out of the species, but continued on. These factors would cease in nature — the less intelligent or physically unfit wouldn’t make it through a rough winter or wouldn’t find a mate to bred with. I am kind of cringing while I say this because it is awful — I believe we are all people of worth and meaning no matter our intellect or attractiveness or genetics. It is just an interesting fact that humanity alone has gotten past the point where even little detriments like bad eyesight or lesser intelligence effect overall living conditions. There is nothing in nature to eliminate what would naturally be eliminated and would in the long run benefit humankind by being eliminated.

    • I applaud you for bringing this up. It is very much in line with the original post, but you have taken it to another level. I am extremely uncomfortable and concerned with our population size and what that means to the world around us. But this is not the place to discuss it although that was the message in the post.

      But you are exactly right. We value human life to such a degree (I guess it is our humanity) that we employ all our powers to save and prolong life. We also strive to make everyone equal yet also promote darwinian theories in capitalism. I believe our humanity combined with our harsh darwinian ideas are unsustainable in an economic based model that runs on money. The far left and the far right puts us in the middle. And the middle is not possible. This is why we see that our government and the people can’t afford medicare or medicade without going in debt. This is why we saw Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapse and taken advantage of by the hawks. You just can’t have it both ways.

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