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First of all, thank you for visiting this blog and I look forward to fruitful discussions.  The purpose of this site is to share my musings about the human direction and I look forward to reading your thoughts regardless of whether they support or undermine the ideas in my posts.  I have pretty thick skin and enjoy a logical debate so don’t hold anything back on my account.  Although this blog has a serious tone, I do have a sense of humor and I realize there are many people out there that are a heck of a lot smarter and more intelligent than myself.  But I do follow the lead of one of the greatest philosophers of all time — Socrates claimed he was ignorant and sought out discussions with his fellow man.      

I think there are many positive human achievements and cultures that have blossomed throughout our short time on this planet, but I have many concerns about our current direction or lack thereof.  The key issues that trouble me are all linked to one another in some shape or form and therefore posts might refer to other posts or categorized over time in order to connect the dots.  I know there are many people who share my concerns but often they simply don’t want to acknowledge these thoughts, discuss them in an open forum, or muse about possible solutions because they may seem too extreme or impossible to implement.  But that is what musing is all about — to observe the status quo with a critical eye and think what could be.          

My underlying principle, as one might deduct from the Hubble Space Telescope pictures on the header, is that we live on a small beautiful planet that is part of a vast and mysterious universe and therefore we need to think about our direction with the big picture in mind.  All too often we tend to think everything revolves around the “human world” when in fact very little on planet Earth and throughout the universe is dependant on what we do.  The environmentalists will surely say that the Earth is very dependant on our “human world” activities, but when considering geological time our impact might merely warrant a footnote.  And when we place ourselves within the context of the size and age of the known Universe, I don’t think we would even be in the running for a footnote. 

I believe the human being can achieve great things and that we can set our own direction, but it would require sacrifice, discipline, cooperation, and inspiring visions.  Our greatest asset is our large brain, opposable thumb, and the fact we walk upright.  What we decide to do with those assets will define our direction and resulting outcome.

63 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. You’re a pretty smart guy. I look forward to reading more.

    I also look forward to the time when the Star Trek timeline comes into effect, where the economics drastically change, where the concept of money is abolished, and the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force behind humanity’s progress. It’s an incredibly sad state of affairs in this world, how men are measured not by the goodness of their hearts or the health of their families or how hard they work, but by the size of their bank accounts. This is not the world Christ envisioned a “Christian” people creating.

    • I love your Star Trek example. I didn’t watch enough episodes to understand how they obtained vast amounts of food or water for their long missions, but I assume they figured out a solution:) But the Star Trek example is exactly what I am a talking about. The men and woman on that ship were working together toward something of a higher order…to explore the universe. Indeed there wasn’t a communist like equality on the ship as you had rank and file, but everyone had a job to do, they were all well educated in their craft, and cooperation was intact for a worthwhile and enriching goal. Thank you for your post.

  2. Hm, I’m not so sure about categorizing some people as “the environmentalists” – and prescribing that view (Earth as dependant on humans) to them! I would say I am an environmentalist, but I certainly am aware of the fact that the Earth will be fine without us. It’s mostly just a tragedy that we do not appreciate and take care with the environment that sustains us, since we will die without it. Sure, some environmentalists are concerned about nature for natures sake – but when it comes down to it what is really wanted is for nature to be there for our children and future generations of humans to appreciate. I’d say Carl Sagan exhibited a really great balance of environmentalist/cosmologist, so I try to follow his lead 🙂

    • Sagan a good man. My grandfather was a middle school science teacher and football coach but his real passion was the stars. He had me watching Carl Sagan when I was younger. He also told me…when ever you are getting a little full of yourself go outside on a dark clear night and look up at the stars.

    • dconnors: I identify with your comments here. I think the problem with “environmentalism” is when it becomes an abstract thing in itself. To relate intelligently and sensitively to Nature, the Earth, and other species–just makes sense. It makes sense for us and for future generations, so why not do it? I feel the same way about, for example, architecture and urban planning. Why not create an environment for ourselves that is intelligently and sensitively wrought, a world around us that inspires us and is conducive to our existence on every level? Why create a world around us that is little more than an ugly accident?

      Intelligence and sensitivity could go a long way if it were just given a chance to breathe . . . . . rather than strangled out as the means to making a quick and easy buck.

      • Agree a thousand percent… goes back to the simplicity of this little phrase:
        “All My Relations”

        In kind Awe of
        All that is,

    • Another good man beside Sagan is the double Pulitzer Prize Winner, Edward O. Wilson, who has given us the terms “biodiversity” and “biophilia”.

      Thank you, Tincup, for being a thoughtful person. I appreciate your effort to live an examined life.

  3. Thanks for visiting mine (however that came about)-I’ll be watching yours to see what else you post and I added your home page to the Stumble Directory so hopefully more people will come have a look at tit all (:

    -Michaela Jayne

    • Thanks for stopping in:) I found yours by simply looking through the philosophy tag. When I don’t feel like writing I enjoy looking through the tags philosophy, poems, economics (may add some more later) and finding posts and blogs that I like. I think that is really the best aspect of this blog concept…find people that you can connect with on various thoughts and also with those that you don’t connect with and to discuss differences. So far I haven’t been dissapointed:)

      • I ‘over-tag’ my posts so they tend to try and push my pages back a ton in the tag-finder so I’m surprised! I write about everything I like that I find so if that were me I’d end up still writing by the end of it.

        A much better idea than the so-called micro-blogging crap which is Twitter and all that. You put thought into your posts and your poems are great so the replies you get back will hopefully be just as interesting (:

  4. Cheers mate re the “Like” indication you put on my DH Club post.

    Look out for my new US Constitution – u will like the reference to Bankers I think

    Thank you


  5. …………or as we usually say constitution – you will of course note my previous little trap just to see if you were paying attention

    arf arf !!

  6. TC, I think I keep getting stuck here reading. I would complain but I like it. Gets me thinking in ways I hadn’t about matters I hadn’t. Glad for the inspiration and love a good, grounded debate. But I think you can see that from some of my own recent replies to my own blog visitors. Thanks for pointing me beyond the first start to the left.

    • I enjoyed it…Socrates is definately someone who heavily influenced me…whether or not I follow him is a matter of debate…my thoughts perhaps…my actions…probably not. I am already your following your blog…Skeptic after all these Years:)

  7. I’ll take exception to your “not in the running for a footnote” comment. No other single species in our planet’s history has been the cause of extinction of so many others. And as rare and precious as life and biodiversity appear to be in the universe, I believe it is worthy of a footnote to mention the species that had the ability to contemplate its own impact on nature and other life, but chose to ignore it for short term profits and individual greed.

    Perhaps our footnote can be a lesson to smarter or more compassionate species.
    Or perhaps, in an ideal world, we shall overcome.

    • Indeed…but a rogue meteor that squares the Earth might warrant just as much distinction as ourselves…and the inanimate seems to be so much more infinite than the animate…the animate appears to be merely a weed…although there are some beautiful and horrific weeds. We must earn our footnote…perhaps even a paragraph…a chapter…a book???

  8. You make sense. I agree that we are capable of directing ourselves to who, what, or where we wanna be, and I would say it is not easy!

    Great site and I enjoy passing through your posts 🙂

      • You’re welcome! Glad you enjoy my blogs, will definitely write more during my free time.. I think it would be nice to converse with you coz you explore your mind.. Bless you!

  9. This blog is a great example of the utopian impulse, not only the content but also the responses–look how much positive feedback there is to these ideas. We really can and want to imagine a better way. The problem is mapping it from where we are to where we want to be, and that’s where you start to run into the cankerous dystopian tendency of utopic experiments to start deconstructing. I’ve been working on this as well and have lots of great reading I can recommend. I will be updating my reading list and sources on my blog in the next few days.


    • Owl, love this comment and I am excited to get over to your blog once I finish these damn cankerous or botched attempts to create a Utopian framework. You hit the nail on the head. I welcome any comments, negative or positive, on these utopian framework suggestions. Thanks for dropping by and look forward to visiting your blog as it appears you have a great interest in the utopian impulse as well.

  10. Hi, Tincup, I’m so happy to have found your blog through Clinock’s!!! At the moment my time and battery are limited, but I look forward to combing through your posts and smiling 🙂 I’ve got a couple blogs on here, and the one that I think you’d be most interested in is still quite embryonic, but anyway… thinktoask.com. There’s also allaboutenlightnement.
    As I’ve read some of the comments here, I’m inspired to ask if you’ve read Peter Kingsley’s “Reality” book… It’s a truly amazing look at some of the Greek philosophers, and he explores his thesis that these fellows were misinterpreted over the centuries. I was drawn to PK’s books because I use both logic and intuition, and he weaves them together beautifully. I highly recommend it!

  11. Hola lesleehare…Clinock is a very interesting and intelligent man. I have not read Kingsley’s “Reality” but I will look it up and thank you for the reference. I love the Greek and Roman Philosophers so I am sure I will enjoy a summary view. I will also visit those two blogs you mentioned and jumping over to your site now.

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  13. Your work is so inspirational and though provoking! Definitely bookmarked for the next free chance I get, sitting down with a hot drink, reading your posts and musing over life. Thanks for sharing your beautiful mind with the world!

    • I am glad you enjoyed some of the thoughts and I will be over to visit your blog shortly. Some of the posts may require a few good sips of red wine as opposed to hot chocolate 😀

      Thank you for your kind words TLS.

      • Haha I’ll open a bottle especially. 😀 Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I don’t get that many hits!

  14. Hi TC, just stopping by to let you know I had selected you to receive the Versatile Blogger Award…I know you have received it already but just wanted you to know why I picked you so take a look at this link… http://wp.me/p1Vba2-ks

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  15. They say save the earth, but the earth will exist long after we are gone, it’s more apt to say save yourselves. The human ego grows too large.
    I like you message, you and I seem to agree on many things.

    • You said in a few words exactly how I think…perhaps we aren’t so jaded after all 😀

      I have been to you site once and believe I am following but will check.

  16. My father had a large book which I used to meander though in my early teen years. It was in Dutch and called ” Lied van de hemel”, translated would be ‘Song of Heaven’. It got somehow lost when our whole family migrated to Australia many years ago. I remember never getting enough of the photos and also tried to understand that light from stars would take thousands or even millions of years to get here.
    It still is as mindbogling now as it was then. I hope that I am following your blog and have pushed a button somewhat higher up.
    Thank you for having visited my blog and your nice comments. I am rather chuffed that Australia’s National Broadcaster, The ABC has published another article of mine.

    • Indeed mindbogling. We could be recieving light from a star and observing it right now when in reality the star is already dead or exploded into a supernova. I enjoyed your recent comments on the metal box. It takes more radical language and policy to make a change. I get tired of the idea of “win-win” solutions…that lead to a big loss in reality. I don’t know what “chuffed” means but that is great you are getting published.

  17. Australia is facing an implosion from political people whose egos are running red hot. How odd that those with the best intentions become obsessed with their own mirror image. There have to be better ways of doing things. I enjoyed reading your latest insight on the terminal form of capitalism at present. Something better might come out of all the chaos!

    • Man does have problems when things go really well…we become complacent. Many changes must be made to get out of chaos and then lay the foundation for generations to come.

    • Thank you Ben! I am done with my economic rants now and I can return to reading the blogs I enjoy and re-connecting with the community. I will be over to your site in the next several days to check out these awards and read some of your recent posts. Thank you in advance for thinking of this blog to receive these awards 🙂

  18. Tincup – I have nominated you for the ‘Liebster Blog Award’. See my blog for details. I hope you accept this as you have been an inspiration to me since I began blogging. I have no way to know if you meet the criteria, under 200 Followers etc. (doubtful) but I am nominating you anyway. I also don’t know if you have already received this award (probably you have)…

    • Thank you Clinock. I meet the criteria and it will give me the kick in rear to give you the award Most Inspirational. I have fallen behind on getting that going:) Thanks again Clinock…your website is not only inspirational but so are you and the life you have led.

      • Thank YOU mi amigo for your supportive words – I am glad to be able to give back to you for the inspiration you have, and are giving to all of us – keep on truckin’…

  19. Once again I have posted an acknowledgement, acceptance and appreciation of a fresh bunch of Awards that the “Ben Naga” site has been offered. To see details, go to http://bennaga.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/a-quartet-and-an-oxymoron/.
    The reason I am informing you of this is that your site is included in the list of my nominees to continue the chain(s). My post contains details of what you need to do if you wish to participate.

    I recognise that several folk may wish to say “Thanks, but no thanks”. If you are among them, let me repeat a slightly rephrased version of what I wrote there: –

    “I know several people featured here don’t like to participate in the offering and receiving of awards. No blame; indeed I may join you one day. Meantime, if an unwanted invitation arrives at your site please ignore it, beyond knowing that it was sent to demonstrate the esteem in which I hold you and your site.”

  20. I actually fundamentally disagree with environmentalists. The problem is not that we may or may not be killing ‘nature’ since we are indeed a part of nature. The issue is that nature is not enslaved to us. It doesn’t produce enough resources, trees are inefficient, and the weather or atmosphere can kill high quantities of humans. You’re right in saying that humans are small and insignificant, this needs to change. If we do not make the universe bow to us, we will end up bowing to the universe in the form of extinction.


    • Hi Jonathan. I like your point. I am not sure we can make the universe bow to us, but I am not excluding the possibility. My thought is we need to be highly conscious of the universe and its chaotic uncaring nature and set our course accordingly. I fear we think all bows to us, when in reality, nothing that is powerful even knows or cares whether we exist or not.

  21. As you said, humanity is going in a direction which worries you, I had one thought:
    “Die Leiden des jungen Wertgers” written by Goethe and their effect. In english it shoulg be ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’

    • Ich habe dieses Buch schon gelesen…lol….Goethe is a literary Mozart…I forgot that there were so many good passages in that book that are similar in nature to Steppenwolf. Yes…your thought is very accurate and a good summary of my thoughts, feelings, and observations of what is…there are certain books I read that hit the right chord when I read them…Die Leiden des jungen Wertgers was one of them.

  22. Just yesterday, I was telling my friend how the news of one of our high school classmate’s death made me think about my own mortality. I told her what really bothers me is that when I die, I feel like it won’t matter to anyone, their life would just go on and they won’t even missed that I’m gone. Then she replied, even if the president dies, everyone else will just go on. I think she’s trying to make me feel that it makes no difference if your somebody or a nobody or whatever. Anyways, it’s not exactly what I had in mind but still it made me think, do I really want someone to agonized over the fact that I’m gone to the extent that they can no longer go on? No, that would be too selfish and the thing is, who knows if I can still see them mourn about me after I’m dead! lol!
    I remember telling someone before, whatever happens in our lives, even if we don’t want it or we detest it or whatever, we would simply adapt and we simply go on. We always managed to see ourselves through it and then we move on. Even regarding loss of people we love. Well, I guess it just never occur to me to think from the other end, hehe!

    Hey, I’m sorry for ranting about this here, haha!
    And also, thanks for stopping by my site 🙂

    • You can rant all you want…that is what this site is for. I enjoy your site (i liked what you said on Evil Nymph’s blog and popped over to your site) as it gives me a chance to get away from this one 🙂

      The pictures you took of that island excursion were beautiful and offers me a temporary escape.

      You raise some interesting questions…questions that have existed since ancient periods…men fighting for fame and glory such that their names can be remembered for thousands of years. Of course, there are other ways to achieve this level of significance aside from being a powerful politician or famous warrior like Achilles…all the great writers, painters, composers….etc….great men and woman who leave us something to learn from. For us less known folks, perhaps what we leave behind is something special to a few people we know.

      It is sad in my opinion, if we leave nothing. In other words, if all we do is live to make money, to consume, and to merely stay alive without creating anything…seems like a very lonely departure…does it not?

  23. Warm greetings my blogging friend – I have nominated you for ‘Blog of the Year’ award. All details on my latest post which will appear later today. I hope you will accept but understand if not – walk on…

    • Clinock…thank you for thinking of me…it means a lot coming from you…but I don’t really like the name of this award even if it has good intentions. I hope you understand. Cheers my friend.

      • I do understand and I had some reservations myself – in fact I’m beginning to have reservations about the whole concept of awards within the blogging community. I am always honoured to receive awards and enjoy passing them on if only to encourage people to explore new blogs that I admire. I believe that this has resulted in a number of strong connections and that alone has made it all worthwhile. However; I am still questioning the relevance and the necessary
        exclusion that is always present. But I also think that I need to decide
        between accepting all awards or none…

      • I like the concept and I think you are doing the right thing in accepting them and embracing the process…I have accepted two awards that I believe describe what I am trying to do here…be genuine…and versatile…so they make sense to me. I raise a glass of red wine to you at this moment…cheers:-)

  24. Just stumbled upon your blog while making my due diligence about Mike Stathis (I don’t know, if he even exists as person, and if his vita is not faked, but what he writes about the markets and media is of highest quality and full of wisdom).

    I have only read a handful of the aphorisms yet, but aphorism 72 & 73 have impressed me that much, that I bookmarked your blog and wanted to let you know, that I am very thrilled to read more, since people who strive for enlightenment without this disgusting self-rightousness of our species have become very, very rare.

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