Covid 19 Reveals

Extending on last post — The human species reaction to COVID 19 reveals so many thought from this blog, but I will summarize from my own tired repetitive thoughts:

1.  The Universe and the inanimate, from which we were created, doesn’t care whether we exist or not.

2.  The universe and the inanimate more powerful than the animate becuase the animate relies on the inanimate for life.  For example, sunlight, water and air.

3.  Given the two maxims above, what have we done as a species to create an existence to survive and progress in a postive forward progression?

4.  We created a human-centric economy totally detached from the two above maxims.  We have created a human-centric bubble reality, economy, and existence, including the concept of a god that created us and the entire universe that we think cares about our existence.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

5.  Because of COVID 19, we have popped our bubble existence by stay at home in the hope we can maintain our bubble upon a vaccine.  But there is no vaccine for our fundamental error.  The universe doesnt exist for us.

6.  If we understood our place in the universe, we would educate our young, we would enable people that work hard to earn a comfortable life, we would reward the talented with more but not to crazy extremes, we would have a healthcare system to take care of people, we would ensure the unique planet we rely on for our very existence is thriving, clean and healthy.  We would not pollute the air and water with our waste and bile.

7. And we would not run and hide when we have a virus that kills less than one percent of our population.  We must carry on.  Death is part of life.  This planet is not here for us nor is the universe.  Given that truth, set a course and foundation to enable an intelligent and realistic progression of our species to thrive and move beyond our watered down excuse for existence based on fame, religion and riches.  We have achieved greatness, at various points of history and isolated cases, in the realms of art, philosophy, literature, music, architecture, science, economy.  Focus on that and improve it.  That is our purpose in a hostile universe that doesnt care whether we exist or not.












Covid 19

Does the Universe or all inanimate and animate creatures shut down because of a virus?  Well, the inanimate, creator of the animate, immune.  But the animate outside the human species wouldn’t and can’t shut down.  They must continue to hunt and gather, much like the virus itself — Covid 19.

But the human species has decided to shut down to save itself.  This shut down reveals how disconnected the human species is from reality and the universe.  Far less than 1 percent of the human species is dying from this virus yet it shuts down its artificial economy to save a few lives.

Artificial or not, the human species can’t shut down its means for shelter and food to save less than 1 percent of people.

This sheds light on how truly disconnected the human species is from reality and the universe.  Regardless of our ponzi scheme economy, the human must push forward despite a virus.  Many will die, a small percentage of the 8 billion relying on a ponzi scheme economy, but this is our means to continue.

The Universe doesnt take care for the weak or those those that hide away and wait for the storm to clear.  The Universe favors the strong and the bold.


Amusement Park Earth

I took my son to Mt. Rainier yesterday.  The drive there and back was hell.  So many damn cars.  We waited 40 minutes to buy pass to access the National park.  Once we arrived at Paradise, it was like an amusement park.  Masses of people and baby strollers.  We hiked up a few miles and even then peace and quiet was hard to come by.  Fucking people talking loud taking selfies with noble mountain in background.  Humans view earth as their amusement park.  Little do they know earth or universe doesn’t exist for their petty existence or amusement.20181013_144436


All of this doesn’t matter. Eat, fuck, sleep, or starve, don’t fuck, or don’t sleep. Find love in another and enjoy the sunset, the clouds, the breeze. Leave all of human endeavors to them.