Death of the Nation — Part II

The idea of a nation died or became obsolete when the few embedded in the financial and big business sector lobbied for deregulation and globalization and successfully took over control of mankind’s self-created circulatory system — money and debt.


Just as huge multi-national corporations are used as a shell game to make those at the top millions and billions through stock options and bonuses, so now nations are used as shell games to make a few well-connected and networked individuals billions and trillions.  The few that are well-connected have managed to obtain positions and control in key national organs — the government, the media, the Federal Reserve, the lobbyist machine, the banks, the investment banks, the legal framework, and the huge multi-national business conglomerates.  Money, debt, labor, innovation, all flow fluidly across borders with the single simple-minded objective to increase profits that in turn primarily increase the wealth and power of the few.  And they have at their disposal the military should that card need to be thrown down.  The nation is dead and obsolete — an empty shell gutted and sold by a few legalized criminals.

But there is an important  difference between the free-flowing laws of nature and that which mankind has defined as his laws of free-flowing capital and markets.  The clouds, winds, and oceans derive their free-flowing nature from the powerful sun.  The massive chunks of continents break free to create ocean expanses and collide to form towering mountains because of the Earth’s internal heat dynamo.   The Earth, our solar system, our galaxy, all galaxies, fly effortlessly through infinite space at incredible speeds because of a uncomprehendable release of energy from the distant past.

In contrast, mankind has made the erroneous assumption that a piece of paper, an electronic bit, a coin, a piece of yellow metal, equates perfectly to energy created or expensed.  Mankind further “compounds” his aforementioned erroneous assumption with the idea that energy created or expensed can be borrowed to use now and repay later using incremental energy as a payment for the opportunity to use more energy now.  These erroneous assumptions are the reason a few have been able to siphon away power and wealth from the masses.  But, if you look to the true power behind the free-flowing forces of nature, you will see and understand that the power and wealth in the hands of the few is really an illusion and a myth perpetuated by our own erroneous assumptions.  These few don’t have power and wealth — all they have is paper, electronic bits, and gold-colored rocks.

5 thoughts on “Death of the Nation — Part II

  1. “These few don’t have power……”……makes me think about who does have power (or who did). Our parents of course had great power through their position and ideologies……early teachers, friends, preachers, local “values”………..we all grow up with a lot of “shoulds” and “this is the way it is” chatter- we seem to want and need to “fit in” but many of us have very strong “but I don’t agree with what you are saying or stand for” mentalities that make fitting in difficult. I do think we live in a country that despite it’s faults allows a good degree of choice, so what do we stand for? How will we assume our own power? What will we choose to do with our power? Who are we and what the hell are we doing here! You know, simple stuff like that…….


    Who teaches such sturdy lies
    concerning history –
    thin ice six thousand years

    What may or may not be …

    As the planet’s crust thin eggshell floats
    grinding against itself
    in minor disasters

    O how we tightrope
    over the fiery deep
    suspended in the cold of space


    Seeking therein
    the source of sound
    yet not to preach silence

    You want to know …

    Have I brought you enough …

    Have I suffered such pain to bring you so little
    tied to the flesh
    in bonds of steel


    Orpheus himself seeking, maze adrift
    steel corridors interlocking
    through all dimensions

    To follow what …

  3. You are quite right Tincup. And yet I know people who still think that deregulated free-form business is the answer. They have heard about “wolf eat wolf” – which wolves don’t practice but people do – they just do not realize that we are in this because the bottom line was more important than ethics or any other human value; the wolf called profits ate the country.

  4. One cannot help notice that both Democrats and Republicans have supported the idea of free trade among nations (globalization) and banking and financial deregulation, and that when things go wrong no one is held accountable. Both parites have bought into this theology because the Economics religion says it is best for all. What is not said is that real wages for everyone are plummeting. And it sure looks like they are going to go to China levels. The truckers or bakers at Hostess have gone from $48,000 in 2005 to $34,000 in 2011 to a $24,000 level which they rejected, and now all are out of jobs. Hostess and the Bankruptcy judge essentially said labor was $11 an hour with few benefits.

    • Hey there Randel…right on…and now the Walmart employees planning a Black Friday walk-out…profit making has gone to far…tensions will rise…and then snap.

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