Death of the Nation

Mankind could benefit greatly by observing the free-flowing forces of nature.  The winds, clouds, oceans, rivers and continents pay no attention to borders.  The earth, sun, our solar system, our galaxy, all galaxies, fall freely through infinite space.

The concept of a nation with its own borders, walls, military, laws, economy and politics is in reality obsolete.  A nation imprisons the people in the form of patriotism, wastes resources, and complicates cooperation.  In the grand scheme of the universe the nation concept appears foolish.

But mankind may never come to understand that we all share this blue-green marble with each other and all the other animate creatures.  Even though the airplane, the ship, the train, the automobile, and the internet enables us to break through our own self-created borders, our consciousness hasn’t adjusted accordingly.  We still hold on to past superstitions and constructs that tear us apart.  We don’t seem to be as intelligent, evolved, or conscious as we lead ourselves to believe.  Perhaps I should be more patient.  After all, relative to geological time, we just emerged from the jungle this morning.

5 thoughts on “Death of the Nation

  1. Dawn is by it’s nature an opportunity to wake up. Curious, then, is it not, that humanity has slept through and missed this opportunity? It will no longer be a curiosity, though, when it also sleeps through noon, does not wake up at dusk, and dies still asleep at midnight. And the Universe will yawn at this prospect, and go on . . .

  2. “Emerged from the jungle this morning”? Guess I didn’t get that email…
    “How do you know he’s a king?”
    “He hasn’t got shit all over him.”
    Monty Python…

  3. International corporations have lead the way, and in many ways are the new nation state. Recently, our Supreme court reaffirmed its viewpoint that corporations are persons. Saw a great bumper sticker–You know corporations are persons when Texas executes one of them.

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