Fools Gold

Forged from the dust of death-star fire into this ephemeral form


treading on the surface of an eternal bottomless ocean above and below


death perpetually circulating from all directions


You succumb to the myth that Gold is land, security, power, wealth


bow to the pirates and board their ship

to become a slave or yourself a pirate


You expend your death-star fire to swab the deck and man the oar


or lash the whip to bleed others into submission


You drink bottles and bottles of rum to numb the pain


of being whipped or doing the whipping


that you burn your precious death-star fire to make your masters rich


or man a ship with no direction other than to steal Gold from others


Mutiny will not alter the course as you are still on the same ship


different masters and slaves

seeking the same Gold for fools


Summon the courage from the depths

as the storm approaches and the sea boils with offended anger


return to where you began before you boarded the run away ship


Burn your precious death-star fire and pay homage to eternity


Swim man swim


or drown with a smile

2 thoughts on “Fools Gold

  1. Man, that ghost ship image is tres powerful and your poem no less so – it sums up our condition perfectly except there is actually only one ship on which we are all passengers and crew – we work together or we go down together…

    • Yes my friend…that is how I think in my core…working together for a destination…but thee are so many signals and symbols that dishearten me and make me want to abandon ship…lol. For instance…I saw your countrymen Justin Bieber dancing around the stage on TV last night night and the people going wild for this young man…who has been transformed into a hip hop rapper…lol…and making billions in the process.

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