Walking in the Air

My son sang this song with his classmates (ages 5-9) at his recent elementary school holiday performance.  I asked him to do a solo for me and you.  This post summarizes recent posts and so much more.  May we all learn to fly.

2 thoughts on “Walking in the Air

  1. I am moved by what you say about my music and lyrics for ‘The Snowman’. May I point out that It should be: ..the villages go by like dreams..children gaze open-mouthed…rousing up a mighty monster. Much has been written about ‘Walking in the air’ but never so deeply insightful. My thanks. Howard Blake

    • Mr. Blake, I don’t know how you found this obscure site but I was shocked to get a note from you. I changed the lyrics per your remarks. I must say I was completely moved by this piece hearing it as I did unexpectedly at an elementary holiday choir performance. The music touched me deeply…which rarely happens to me unless I go back in time to the great composers. I find it encouraging that individuals like yourself can still create masterpieces even in this environment and point in time. I am going to search and listen to more of your music. Best wishes and thank you for gifting this to us.

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