Women and Children First

I am honored to post a short piece written by my brother (alias — Dragonstrand) in regards to the recent massacre in Newtown.  He offers a different perspective (I am not surprised), from my own and the other two posts I re-blogged on the topic…we tend to look for the big picture explanation…using the horrific event as a condemnation of the society or culture as a whole…whereas he…my brother…Dragonstrand…looks to the individual that committed the heinous and cowardly act.

Although my written word, and his written word (Dragonstrand), is often philosophical and logical…perhaps cold and calm and sometimes harsh…I weep at what occurred in Newtown…and I know he does as well.  My brother is a true philosopher and artist…his word matches his actions in life…his words are songs…that ring out through eternity.  I also post a video at the end of his short piece.  I went to my nine-year old’s school choir tonight…these kids…about 20 of them…range in age from 5 to 9.  May our young people continue to sing…through eternity…


dead fishAs a boy I heard stories of men who drowned because they put women and children upon lifeboats ahead of themselves. Today, as a man, I hear very different tales. It seems, young “man”, that you got it all backwards in your mixed up mind—for from the leaky, sinking, one-oared rowboat of your life, you loaded women and children first upon an untimely deathship. You could have just let yourself go down in the miserable murk of your madness, but no, that would not have been fair to your exaggerated sense of umbrage. You had to take defenseless innocents down with you as retribution for your awkward inability to learn how to swim. I wonder why, though, you ended it so prematurely; why your vaunted massacre, just like your manhood, was a miscarriage. Was it really the sound of the first siren, the advent of those same men I once heard stories about, that cowardly caused you to remove the life vest from your scrawny neck? Or was it the sea of blood spilling out of the bullet holes you put in the tiny bodies of children huddled together in the now lifeless arms of their shielding, mother-like teachers?  Did you flail in this scarlet flood too? Did you not derive the sense of exultation you had anticipated in your fantasies? Did it not play out like the virtual games you had played in your mind where at last you were the unstoppable, ravaging shark in a pond of downy ducklings? Why else would you so suddenly stop, when you still had plenty of teeth left, unless it was because you didn’t have the stomach to finish what you started? In the end you didn’t even have the guts for your gutless act. You choked on the blood, sank down to your knees, and seeing the same old reflection in the puddles of that wide-eyed fish out of water gulping in vain upon the air, you drowned.


CrusadesI am agnostic, but I believe in good and evil…which is different from the dark and the light we see in nature.  The dark and the light, in nature, or destruction and creation, complement one another in a perpetual process of change.  As in nature, and in being a part of nature, we also have light and dark within us.   Those that become totally committed to either the light or the dark…suppressing or excluding the existence of the other…lose something…and become imbalanced.  History has shown those that are convinced they know the light…their version of the light…can in fact spread darkness on fellow-man.  And, there are also numerous examples, such as what we have unfortunately just witnessed, where those that become absorbed with darkness spread darkness, or more to the point, evil… on fellow-man and child.

EvilEvil, is man-made.  Evil, doesn’t exist outside mankind.  Darkness in nature isn’t evil.  Light, in nature isn’t good.  Mankind defines Good and Evil through action and behavior in the human world.  Good and Evil is human — an imperfect interpretation of the light and dark in nature.  People are looking for answers and solutions.  The problem is more complex than people will admit.  Gun control, armed guards, security systems…on and on and on…armed teachers (are you kidding me)…everyone pushing their agenda…businessmen, politicians, shrinks, pharmaceuticals, priests…looking for a Band-Aid…looking for a an “in” for their own agenda, ratings, another buck…rather than confronting the real problem.  The problem is one of culture and technology.  Culture…summarized as Hollywood…the action and violence…the entertainment…hip hop hip gangsters…video games…shoot to kill.  Technology…the gun…the bomb…loop technology around and tie it up with wrapping paper and a bow.  Mankind creates his own culture…he creates his own tools…this culture molds who we are…on both ends of the spectrum…and technology provides the tools for the two extremes and those in the middle.

Perhaps this is why I look to the past with a sense of nostalgia.  Man on a horse with a sword…against man on a horse with a sword…you can’t take out the dark…but you can establish and define the rules…less collateral damage…a fair fight…courage and bravery…nobility…skill…one life for another…for whatever the reason…not 20 children…mowed down with technology and the pull of a trigger…for no reason what so ever…other than Evil.  Evil…made more Evil through culture and more powerful through the technology made available for its use.  The real problem and solution will evade the media and political dialogue…for it goes to the heart of the matter…it goes all the way through what is and what is becoming…our culture and our technology…two things people can’t change without a deep philosophical awakening and related change of course.  Mankind thinks we are progressing forward…with our thought, laws, technology, culture…that time equals progress…that we are so superior and advanced to men and woman who came before.  I am not so sure.  They say the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan saved lives…how many Japanese children died from that act that reportedly saved lives?  Don’t look to the media, the priests, the technocrats, the businessmen, or the politicians to define the problem or the solution…for the problem and solution is philosophical…and you won’t find any philosophers in front of the camera.