Something we all can celebrate as one species…and with all species…and with the inanimate…which we will also join…only to be used once again…to create the animate.

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The golden child is in my heart today, touching me beyond my understanding. It is this holy seed of touch that moves my heart to sing. The perception has become the meditation; the unseen interplay of space and form; the burning line of fusion, where names dissolve and definitions are consumed by fire. This womb of immaculate co-existence magics all. Being and non-being dance the shadow play of life as planets echo themselves through the still lakes of night. All converges at the inner point of silence, the luminous dream of creation fills the world and everything that has ever come to be is reaffirmed by this renaissance of resplendent light.

(Photo and poem by Clinock). Re-Post from 2011

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  1. this remind me a text I was writing for a picture… as I love winter my imagination it is beyond limits.. lol… ”
    I wish that I dreamed, during a night that I snowed, that simpy I turn appart into crumbs of clowds and slipery snow flakes, over the another ones thoughts, I wished, at least into my dream, to feel the snow’s material insubstantiality, yet not becomed true snow. It’s the dream that I dreamed that I was dreaming more often. Though, none of the mornings, I didn’t woked up with the remember of that crumbing, although I wished I did… I wished I did..I wish I dreamed the ice dance with you… the last dance…I wish I did…”

    • Thank you for sharing…I see the Winter Solstice has a deep meaning for you…as it does with several other people I know that I admire…like the man that posted this piece…and my brother. Your text or description above brings images of freedom…clouds…falling snow flakes…a dance…like those that glide together so effortlessly on the ice…

      • every snowflake is a dream…
        ..and I am sitting here at the shadow of my tree… the branches are full of snow and from time to time snowflakes are falling down on me… like in a dream… my winter dream…
        in fact every snowflake is a dream.. at one point i can’t see the difference between stars and the snowflakes that are falling from the icy web of clouds .. all my thoughts are running to someone.. and every snowflake is like a thought coming from a icy star ..
        indeed if there is smth in this world that i love most is the winter time…

      • And every snow flake is unique in its shape and has its own space and time in which it exists in that form…your comment sings like a poem. Cheers to your snow flakes

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