Higher Love

I have become rather discouraged as of late in the realm of Love in today’s modern era.  I listen to the lyrics of the top hits, or rap, or hip hop, or watch the latest music videos, and it becomes clear that man and woman don’t seem to know about the higher forms of love or at least the naive beautiful idea of those higher forms.  Some lyrics I have heard talk about slamming a bitch up against the wall and doing her doggie style embedded in a catchy beat.

There seems to be a premium placed on the guy that can bag as many women as possible, or at the other end of the extreme, the pussy whipped wimp that can’t see past his nose.  There are a few sculptures that my brother led me to admire while we were in Europe together that symbolize my ideas of a higher love better than words could ever describe.  I have shared a couple of these images here.

I have experienced forms of higher love although I will admit they are fleeting.  And I have also explored the depths of the dark barren side of pure lust and whoring which is what the pop culture breeds today.  But I was very encouraged to see a young woman post a song that she recently composed that I believe shows the idea of a higher form of love still exists even if it is rare to find.  I have posted her lyrics below and the link to her original post (by Evil Nymph).


Verse 1:

A brush of the hand

A push on the shoulder

A quick stolen smile

What’s best to end this day?




No one shall know

If you wish it.

A secret kiss

Before we let go.



Verse 2:

Interlocking fingers

Head on the chest

Your face close to mine

What’s more to dream about?




No one shall know

If you wish it.

A secret kiss

Before we let go.

I’ll catch your arm

You turn around

A secret kiss

Before we go home.




A rainbow over us

We laugh for no reason

Stay silent

And feel our presence




No one shall know

If you wish it.

A secret kiss

Before we let go.

I held your hand

You hold my world.

A secret kiss

Before we go home

30 thoughts on “Higher Love

  1. Those are gorgeous pictures. This was a perfect thing for me to read right now, thank you for sharing it!

    I feel like those notions of love relate to not only how we feel about other people, but how we feel about the whole world we interact with. It turns into a very fast-paced click-like-y rush-reload-refresh situation, with ourselves and our world.

    We could all probably afford to take time to have a more real-love connection to it, I think. That’s what this post felt like to me- a nice chance to slow down, remember the feeling of presence, and stop rush-rush-rushing. Thanks for that. 🙂

  2. “Top hits” always tended to be a bit silly (if not outright vulgar). On the other hand, songs such as Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah – though it has a legendary status nowadays – rarely charted or got a lot of airplay. There are outstanding poetic lyrics in music nowadays, only they are not on commercial radio. (Check Joanna Newsom, for example).

    • I will check it out. Thanks Dan. I guess what I find discouraging is one has to look deep and hard for such lyrics. The top hits and pop culture are what influence the vast majority of our young.

      • It’s not just “higher love”, but anything of a truly higher order that is utter foreign to the zeitgeist of “popular culture”. The very concept of “popular culture”, of a culture of the populus, or “the people”, was doomed from the outset. The sad but true reality is that higher things, whether it be higher love, higher spirituality, higher art, or what have you, are for the few not the many–they are created by the few and only understood by the few. Whether it is the Love of Stendhal or Goethe, the spirituality of Jesus or Buddha, the art of Beethoven or Michelangelo, this holds true. As soon as you put the sacred vessel of culture in the hands of the many, you can be certain it will be fumbled and shattered into a billion lowly pieces–hence the “culture” of atomization we have today. Do not be fooled by the apologists of popular culture who cite alleged “exceptions” to the rule–they are just the same base rule “dressed up” to disguise the fact. The rule itself must be shattered, and of course it won’t be–so everything will continue to fall down and apart until nothing of the higher is left and the lower reigns. Hell, we are already there–we’ve been there for a long time now. It’s not only hip to jump on the Death Spiral; it’s not even known that there is an alternative. If one doesn’t even know a peak is there, you certainly don’t know how to take the first step up to climb it, or even know why you should want to.

      • Indeed dancing dragon. There are the few that create and then the few that can appreciate a worthy creation. Both are being overwhelmed by the enormous following and participation in the anti-culture. Soon there will be a high-end heated tram going to the summit of Mt. Everest.

  3. In a way I think it also has to do with age. A lot of the songs are by and for people with raging hormones. They too will find a time and place in their lives when they find those lyrics and ideas no longer fulfilling.

    • Yes, raging hormones are what the pop industry feeds off of. I don’t know. I remember embracing and kissing this woman for hours under the stars when I was in high school…we had liked each other for many years and finally got together. My hormones were raging, but it was more than that, much more.

  4. Such a spectrum, from the pure lust of Nymphs and Satyrs through Eros and Psyche and all the way to the higher love of those who lose themselves for others. I’m with Gilraen – for everything there is a season. I’ve known the uncertain love of youth; the passionate loves of searching for a partner; the unconditional love of parents and the love of being a parent; the married love of partnership and the love of humanity; the strange and alien love between humans and animals and the love of beauty, art and the unknown. If there is an hierarchy of love I believe ‘higher love’ manifests in compassion. The sculptures you present are all based on mythological ideas of Love and these ideas attempted to reflect humanity’s struggle to define Love. All of the world’s religions have their own answers to this question but I believe that a Higher love is one that is beyond Religion – it is a particular Caring for others that recognizes our shared existential predicament…

    • My understanding of Higher Love consists of a profound spiritual connection between two beings that transcends the carnal. That does not mean this connection cannot consummate itself through the flesh, but that it does exist independently of such a physical union. As the overwhelming rule, modern human beings operate upon an opposite model–they begin and base their relationships upon the carnal, and then very rarely if ever make their way to a spiritual connection. No surprise, then, that relationships in this age formed within this model don’t endure. Some of the images TC has put up here do express to me through physical forms the idea or embodiment of my concept of Higher Love. I do agree with Clinock about another kind of Higher Love that is not exclusively shared by two individuals, but directed as a type of “Universal Love” upon the whole of humanity, for instance. I admire those who are capable of such a Love, but I am not–at least at this juncture in my Life–one of them. I have an immense amount of contempt for humanity–to me it is such a spectacular failure on so many different levels that I find it impossible to feel such a Love for it. Yet I do draw the line in refusing to act upon that contempt in any way that would harm others–perhaps that at least could be characterized “caring”.



  5. I maybe don’t really want to be slammed up against a wall, but I don’t really want any creeper guy with wings copping a feel on me either. Those statues are just carvings of lust that were the pop culture of their time. I like MD’s song!

    • LOL…hmmm, of all the art I saw in Europe via extensive visits in the museums, these two pieces stood out in the realm of love. I think the ancients had a better understanding or knowledge or appreciation for many things expressed through art and mythology than we do today. I can’t see any relationship between these two sculptures and lust/pop culture, but that is just my opinion of course.

      • Okay. You know what I’m saying. Let me know where in those statues, the public displays of marble sex depict flowers on my anniversary, loving me when I’m grumpy or being faithful to me. It’s lower love carved in stone. Pretty sure a few of them even do it doggie style under a sheet. Nothing is new… including each generation thinking somehow the next doesn’t get it and has no taste or culture…. AND so far nearly every single generation in history has been wrong about that.

        I went to a football game today. They had 50 years of cheerleaders out on the field. Each decade did a quick bit celebrating the music and dance styles that were unique to their decade. It was beautiful to watch. I don’t mean to be mean… it was beautiful to watch because it was the exact opposite of what you said in your post here.

        Each generation embraced the art music and culture of those who went before while appreciating and admiring those who came after. The plus-sized bodies of grandmothers, sway-stepping to disco, are the legacy today’s hotties hope to leave with our grinds to rap.

        I’m still not trying to be mean, but you recently answered my comment about Halloween, with an appreciation for girls in sexy costumes. That’s okay with me. But be real. It’s also why you see naked statues having sex in public display, and see no relationship to lust/pop culture.

        Love you, Tinc! ♥ It’s time to stop being so cynical and start laughing and sharing it with us!

      • I think the one who is being “cynical” here is not TC. “Higher Love” is “flowers on my anniversary” and “loving me when I’m grumpy”? That, little lady, is what might be called formulaic or conventional “love”–an empty shell of true, passionate, exalted–dare we say it?–Higher Love. What’s missing in your comical analysis? Among many things, two salient ones: An utter absence of the understanding of what the ancients referred to as “soul”; and, the complete inability to see anything outside of the modern context you have been conditioned by. This enables you to cheapen the realities and heights of certain peaks of the past by leveling them all to the nadir of the present. Will you really attempt to argue, for instance, that the music of Beethoven is “on par” with the music of Bieber–that there is an alleged “relationship to pop culture” there? Your hubris and myopia is insufferable woman. Look in the mirror and you may find a superchimp concealed behind all your cosmetic conceits. Perhaps you should try stripping away the “make up” from your face and look at the peaks and valleys of humanity’s creative endeavors from an unmasked face. Ever looked up at the Sistine Ceiling? How will you look down upon it? How will you make it “equal” to half a degenerate century of “beautiful” bimbonic cheerleaders at a football game?

      • You deserve better from yourself. You are obviously an intelligent woman, but you waste your intelligence with a lazy intellect. You speak with authority about things you don’t really or fully understand. A little more caution, a little more subtlety, and a lot more willingness to search out the nuances, depths and elusive enigmas in matters such as these rather than settling for easy, readymade answers would suit you well. But this would require really “getting real”, wouldn’t it? It would require actual, profound, self-introspection if not interrogation. I know. It’s painful–but give it a shot some time. If you do, I’ll be the first to “like” you. Otherwise, keep on plodding down that same old superficial smart-ass path you know so well of “knowing” everything yet knowing nothing. If you want to venture down the “road less taken”, I recommend starting with Socrates. Good luck Anne.


      • Hmmm…I think it is a constant battle between dark and light. It is easy to succumb to the dark as you simply listen to your loins…and I have done that on occasion. But I prefer the light when it comes to my relationship with a woman.

      • You know I’m not talking about a battle between dark and light desires. If anything, my message to you has consistently been to forget your battles and lighten up, Tinc.

        My point is this, that if you just share the beautiful expressions of love in some of the great art you found in Europe, and laud a young artist for the same kind of beautiful expression, then you have taken a step toward making the world a better place. Have you not written volumes about how the world could be a better place? Attacking the things other people love in the process just destroys your accomplishment.

      • There’s a piece of sage advice for you TC. “Just forget your battles and lighten up”. Bliss out man, and drink the koolaid. Everything’s gonna be just fine. Just sit back, and enjoy the show–watch the plus-sized grannies sway-stepping to Disco. Everything is beautiful, when you can’t feel a thing. “Oh Brave New World, with such people in it!”

        Now let me tell you a story about a man named Hercules . . .

      • My autobiography? That is actually entitled “Philosophia” . . .

        My “self” is just a means to that beautiful End.

    • Thank you for the lyrics/song/poem. They gave me hope that the idea is still alive…that there are still some savages left in the world…LOL (would have to read Brave New World by Huxley for that to make sense).

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