Presidential Debates

Fall Leaves — Canopy

Two men debate the same old issues and tell the dumbed-down masses what they want to hear.  As if one middle-aged decaying corrupt corpse could actually reverse our self-made death spiral.

Meanwhile, the leaves have begun to change color at this small corner of the planet.  The winds have picked up and a slight chill penetrates to the skin.  Two young people, whom believe in true love, walk in a tree-lined park holding hands admiring each other and the autumn leaves.  The colorful leaves drink the last drops of fading golden light.

Soon, strong winds will approach with cold that penetrates bone.  The leaves will be torn free to die and enrich the soil.  Little children will heap up piles and plunge into that which gave them air and now soil to grow.

The change in season hints that we are part of something infinitely larger than man and his silly age-old adolescent problems.  The earth’s tilt, rotation, and orbit around the sun determines the change in season.  The earth, the sun, our galaxy, every galaxy, are plunging through the vastness of eternity at incredible speeds with no guarantees for a tomorrow.

So let these narcissistic men twirl their wretched tongues.  I prefer to listen to the wind blowing through the trees and watching the fading light flicker among the colorful leaves.

9 thoughts on “Presidential Debates

  1. A father tells his young daughter as they walk through the woods…….”No one ever made money knowing the names of the trees…” and we have come to agree with that father, and ignored the poets, philosophers, lovers of beauty, and the value of just being……(but not all of us, like TinCup…..thanks)

  2. However, in an alternative point of view the two debating men are also part of the universal cycle and, like us all will one day be part of the soil that will nurture growth. We are what we give attention to and the illusion of politics is just another part of the dream…

  3. Isn’t it ironic how they stage these debates at the peak of Zombie Season?

    I really loved this from you! I’ll probably endure another cascade of narcissistic defecation for commenting where I’m not welcomed by your symbiotic parasite, but this is what I want to read here! Let the stupidity go! Pointing it out is still kinda negative, but you shared Nature and the beauty of her elan in contrast! You made me happy! ♥

    Sometimes I’ve reminded you of what I think you have to offer and you’ve responded more than once it’s nothing… so example cited in this phrase: “The colorful leaves drink the last drops of fading golden light”. Tinc, you’re creative, you’re beautiful, and I’m right! More, please?

    • Anne, thank you for the compliment and I am glad you enjoyed this little piece. I know I seem negative or cynical, but from that also comes my motivation to think, write, appreciate beauty, and contemplate larger topics. If I was an optimist and positive thinker I am not sure such thoughts or observations of beauty would ever germinate. I have told you this before, but often I am not a serious person with a furrowed brow. I think many people that know me on the surface would have no idea I think the way I do. I do enjoy life as best I can and have a light sense of humor when engaging with my fellow man. There is a tendency for me to wish more for mankind, a craving for more unity and use of intelligence to cooperate. But there is the other side or tendency to tire of mankind and a feeling to simply withdraw and tune out all the noise and look to nature and thought and a few individuals for personal fulfillment. I am only mean to mankind because I know we could do better.

    • Here’s the thing. It’s not about what you want to read here–it’s about what TC has to write. If you don’t embrace the whole of a being, than you are not embracing the whole being. You want to censor and outlaw negativity? Where will that lead? What kind of world would it be without criticism and critical thinking–a world in which no one ever “attacks what others love”? If people decide to build condos overlooking the Grand Canyon should I get all warm and fuzzy, tear up, and applaud them for doing what they love?

      I’m going to help you out with something here, and if you listen it will make things a lot easier for you. My brother is a warrior–always has been and always will be. You can blow as much smoke up his ass as your little lungs will hold, but in the end
      (pun intended) it isn’t going to change a thing. Your efforts, with advice like “give up your battles and lighten up”, to turn him into the pretty little “positive” milksop you want him to be, are doomed to fail. You might as well try to stop a tsunami with a harlequin romance novel.

      Two more things. First, your comments are not only welcome here, but anywhere and everywhere. That is the beauty of free speech. However, by expessing them here, they are by that very fact subject to the gleaming scapel of criticism and skeptical mockery. That too is the beauty of
      free speech.

      Secondly: you are not covered in the shit of a self-lover, but the seaman of a sage. Swim in the wisdom, and learn to love the salty smell and taste of the Sea you love to hate. Open yourself to it, and you may finally learn how to truly create.

      • Sweet! Fish on!

        So first, to paraphrase, there’s still hope for me if I can only I learn how to guzzle your “seaman”. Your apparent familiarity with the smell and taste of that is gross, by the way. I have to say, that was a complicated metaphor for admitting what a deckhead you are, but it was almost clever.

        Hahaha, when I saw that you were still festering over that thorn I poked in your sea-weathered, pachyderm hide a few months ago, I made a bet with myself that I could get 200 words out of you with a 3-word comment. You came in at an utterly disappointing 149, and I was just going to go back to ignoring you again like I have been since I first made the mistake of talking to you. But then I saw this post and I thought how funny it would be if I could I could get you to do it on a page about narcissists. So baited a comment with a whole 18-word phrase I was pretty sure you couldn’t resist… Bam! 304 words of gleaming fish hook in your self-loving lip!

        I’m going to go back to ignoring you now, because that is your only path to amelioration.

      • Ignorance is bliss.

        Glad you were struck by my “seaman” play on words. Be careful, though. You do come off as a little obsessed with me, what with counting out the number of words I write and plotting out elaborate ways to “catch” me. A little stalkeresque of you, don’t you think? Setting out to “ignore” someone also betrays extreme psychological measures. This a quite a dog and pony show you are putting on over someone who is allegedly “nothing” to you . . .

        Here’s a novelty for you: Try sometime actually reading, understanding, and answering the content of what you are “replying” to, rather than seeing it as mere “words” to count and run away from like a burnt child.

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