Lonely Stars

Burning bright

Shedding light

Out into the dark void


Noble fire

Lonely desire

Roaring into the silence


Why do you blaze

With such ferocious power

And wage war with darkness


Billions of years

Billions of stars

Flaming into obscurity


But our sun has a purpose

To provide for life on the small blue planet

In order to feed and keep warm intelligent humans


How disgusted our sun must be

To expend so much energy

On a harvest consumed to dust

4 thoughts on “Lonely Stars

  1. Nice poem, moves very smoothly and seamlessly from each consideration to the next.

    Everything is consumed to dust in the end; however we seem to be wanting to speed up the purpose. Unless of course our human fecklessness is simply a part of the overall design.

    • I want to thank you for providing me with a great word…”fecklessness”…LOL…what a great word to describe us. A poet I am not, but I am glad you enjoyed and got something from it. Yes, everything is consumed to dust in the end, but then it is recycled and used for the next creation. I guess what it ultimately comes down to is do we want to meet our end with a flamming sword and war cry or just simply go out with a quiet thud.

  2. I just rediscovered this in The Book Of Guff:

    Somewhere in your forearm there is an atom. Circling the nucleus is an electron. On the electron two small bipeds are standing. The side of the electron they are on is facing away from the nucleus just at present, and they are gazing up at the starlight from distant atoms. Maybe they are on the way home from the pub, or walking their dogs. The night is very still. Says one biped to his companion:

    “Do you suppose there’s anything out there?”

    “What, are you insane or something?” replies the other.

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