Generation Skip — Infrastructure

I now enter into more difficult tasks in building these utopian infrastructures.  I have outlined what I perceive to be our primary problems resulting in Gridlock, and I have offered up some images of utopian sites, but now we have to impose ourselves on the framework.  And this is unfortunately a corrupted process.  Just as the parent corrupts a child, so now I must corrupt these virgin landscapes.  I use corrupt to describe not having perfect knowledge and enlightenment, or anything even approaching such heights.  I have already corrupted this post with my selection of the image above.  I scoured google for potential architecture and city designs, current and futuristic, that would fit some of those virgin landscapes in the previous post, but nothing really seemed to fit.  Lacking the ability to use my own imagination and artistic talents, lowly as they are, I am forced to throw a previous invention and creation out in the open.  That is why we must come to terms with the idea that the infrastructure we provide for these upstarts are temporary, for those living in these constructs will define, design, and create their own infrastructure.  But, we must put our best efforts into the infrastructure despite the temporary contract.

Several utopian structures assume a simple life where those living within the utopia walk around in drab clothing, live in primitive structures, and nibble on modest provisions.  Such communities appeal to a communist like image where all the inhabitants are equally miserable.  I don’t see any reason to deny these beings from many of our creations and comforts even if many such creations were corrupted by the drive for profit at the expense of depth, beauty, and what would’ve been if profit wasn’t such a powerful influence.  As such, the infrastructure will be built with all of our modern know how and be equipped appropriately.  The one key limitation is that this infrastructure will be developed to minimize environmental impact on the unspoiled territory.  As such, solar, water, and wind power must prevail over oil and gas based solutions.  There will be no automobiles as feet and bikes will be the primary mode of transportation.  The population of these upstart communities will not be large enough to need public transport.  But, roads and or ports must be constructed to enable logistics to function from the outside world.  The initial state will certainly need a connection to what exists, despite the corruption, for there is a fair exchange — nurture and knowledge of what has come before.

The center of these communities will not be the market, the church, the temple, the skyscrapers, the shopping malls, rather the center of these communities is the nursery, pre-school, school, the university, the cultural center of arts, music, and science.  As the culture evolves, they have the free rein to define what defines the center of the community, but for now, it is these things I have mentioned.  Again, I am corrupting the process.  The architects, engineers, techies, artists, environmentalists, physicians, dentists, teachers, professors, psychologists, care givers, philosophers, designers, entrepeneurs, can now go to work.  But I ask them to keep at least some of these thoughts in mind while designing the infrastructure.  They are the farmers, the mothers and fathers, preparing the land to plant the seeds to ensure they sprout, grow, and thrive into the sunlight.  They are responsible for the harvest given the challenges of the external forces.  What type of infrastructure and designs will maximize the opportunities for these seeds to grow into a bountiful harvest?  How will the infrastructure and designs accentuate and heighten their young sensitive senses and how will the infrastructure embrace the natural beauty that surrounds the community?  How will the above impact the most important aspects of virgin fresh beings — the supple unspoiled mind, body, and soul?

4 thoughts on “Generation Skip — Infrastructure

  1. Count me in. While most of your sites are quite appealing, I have issues with altitude so perhaps that regal mountain would be out for me. Of course I could chew cocoa leaves for a few days and probably be fine. This is heady stuff and perhaps my dimwitted sensibilities wouldn’t make it past your gates but I’d make a fine guardian.

    • LOL…I don[‘t consider this or me heady…indeed it comes from my foggy head which is more than likely merely projecting fragments of what prior highly intelligent men and woman have written about in the past. You want to be guaridan…ok…I might be one of the garbage helpers 😉

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