Generation Skip — Planting the Seeds

We have now offered up several site locations, built infrastructures, but there are no beings present to occupy these frameworks.  We must now begin the difficult process of selecting and then planting the seeds.  There are multiple options available to us.  We could, on one end of the spectrum, populate this infrastructure with orphans, unwanted babies, those up for adoption.  On the other end of the spectrum, we could develop a very systematic, scientific, goal focused method to populate the framework with our best newborns.  At this far end of the spectrum, we could use genetic testing on the parents, measure the parents IQ quotient, judge their physical beauty, the temperament and quality of their being and traits.  We could ensure these potential parents eat the best foods, are cared for and nurtured to result in a healthy and unstressed pregnancy term, and then analyze and review all the infants to select the best quality from the crop.  And then there are numerous options in between.

I offer up the entire spectrum.  Part of me wants to pick the orphans, and part of me wants to pick the other end of the spectrum.  The former appeals to me because it eliminates so many problems with the status quo when it comes to my ideas of what needs to be done with these infants.  I also find it appealing because these little innocent beings have come on-line without really being wanted.  I fear this occurs far too often which I already covered in the prologue.  The later appeals to me because it more closely resembles what occurs in the natural world, where there is a battle to earn mating rights and the victor, assumed to be the strongest and most healthy specimen, passes on the best genes to the offspring and thereby increases the probability of survival and perpetuation of the species.  As such, I am going to select the later, but will not exclude the former or all those in between the two extremes as options.  But to be clear, I choose the scientific and more naturalistic approach.  Besides, picking the later is more interesting for now it forces me to describe sacrifice, approach Freud, and offer an alternative and point of differentiation from the status quo.  These parents and offspring will be a cross-section of races and ethnicities and the selection process will ensure a well-rounded representation.  We must also ensure a balanced representation of males and females.

Once the prime infants have been selected, they will be transplanted to the utopian sites and infrastructures.  The participating parents may live in the infrastructure as guests, but not as permanent residents.  The mother will have access to the infant for nurturing and breast-feeding, and the father given access for whatever purpose he may serve, but overall, parent time with the infant will be limited.  In fact, this is the sacrifice which I spoke of earlier.  The parents will play a very limited role with the child.  Once the child has developed his or her own mind, sense of being, the parents may have all the access they want and vice versa.  The parents are corrupt, and as such, must not be a significant influence in the child’s development.  The parents are corrupt from what is, from what has come before, from their experience in what is, and from their struggle to succeed in what is.  The parents are corrupt because they are merely spinning around on the wheel.  Their experience and insight is useless in the fresh utopian framework.  These participating parents must also make yet another sacrifice.  Both individuals will have the functionality of their reproductive systems rendered inactive.  They may still enjoy the pleasures of love-making, but their reproductive efforts are finished.  Why you ask, would I impose such a sacrifice?  Because this utopian framework is not going to add to what is one of the primary problems we face as a species – overpopulation and limited resources. 

Why would any potential parents be interested in participating in the population of this utopian construct given the two above sacrifices?  Because their child is going to be given access to cutting edge education.  Their child is going to be treated as the focus of this upstart community and therefore will have the access to the best food, healthcare, and opportunities for self-development ever recorded in human history.   These little beings will be the only focus of the community with undivided attention, not a peripheral project, object, or means to perpetuate what currently is.  Their child is not a seed to be groomed for perpetuating the profit motive; rather their child will be groomed for innovation, creation, a new birth and hope in the human experiment and resulting direction.   The next post will focus on education.

14 thoughts on “Generation Skip — Planting the Seeds

    • LOL…poet…there are many words to read…depending on your time…I would start with “The Human World without Money, Debt, Financial Institutions”…then you could skip to “Gridlock”…and from there the sequence of posts…LOL…might be best to skip and just compose your poetry….a lot of blah blah blah on my part.

      • Stop selling yourself short TC, you have laid out a lot of interesting concepts here…and you are an excellent writer…I hope you’re writing a book? Or maybe you have already, I doubt if the Author is called Tincup though? 😄

  1. I’ve followed this Generation Skip series with much interest.. haha. Email subscribed, so I sometimes don’t get round to leaving a comment after reading the post in email.
    This stuff is going to get FP’d one of these days:)

    ‘The parents are corrupt, and as such, must not be a significant influence in the child’s development.’ Haha.. nice… The stuff of heated debates. I wonder how many folks would accept to be neutered for ‘the common good’…

  2. Interesting to read this after watching the film “Serenity” last night. And I also seem to recall something about the effects of bringing children up without a close family setting – e,g, kibbutzim – being that as adults these children were free from the “neuroses” that plague so many people (and those who interact with them 😉 ) but had no capacity for intimate relationships at all. And as for favouring “Science” rather than “Nature”? Not doing so well for itself (or us) so far.

    • Thanks Ben for commenting. I haven’t seen Serenity but will try to get hold of it…looks very interesting. I looked it up on Wikpedia…the Alliance trying to prevent Sin…….even I am not that ambitious 😉

      Yes, the parent interaction is a tricky one…ideally, I would want enough contact for love to be expressed and felt…but not enable those parents to inluence philosophical thoughts or content…later in life once the child is well developed. I will briefly touch on topic in education. I am assuming there are pychologists and educators that help predict the right type of interaction between parent and child given the goals of this utopian framework. I look at Science in this case…picking good genes, as part of nature…for that is what occurs in nature. If you go to the market and pick some fruit…why not pick the best pieces?

      • The question here, though, is how do you know, and who knows, what exactly are the “best pieces”. For human beings are not as simple as “fruit at the market”.

        There are a lot of people who believe that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are the “best pieces”–the Alpha fruits–of the market. In the meantime there is a Nietzschean Overman rotting away in some cockroach infested corner who doesn’t even make the selection process.

        Before you know it, you have a race of Barbie and Ken Dolls, of “beautiful”, semi-intelligent superchimps–an amalgam of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein. Sure, such a thing “wows” humanity–but is that really the “best” it can do? Says who?

  3. Agree with Ben’s last two sentences. Also, anything that speaks of divisiveness, as in the fift sentence which I, personally found to be a bit Hitleresque, elitist baby selection disturbs me greatly and should. Anytime things are not allowed to occur naturally, I fear the puppy mill syndrome. There is an old Twilight Zone where everyone is beautiful except one woman. This woman is a patient in the hospital and the beautiful doctors and nurses are trying to fix her “ugliness.” Turns out, under her mask, she is a Grace Kelly type doubly stunning woman (Tipi Hedren, perhaps) who is the odd one out because all of the rest of society have pig snouts. There is a tipping point in everything, that’s all I’m saying.

    • Thanks for the comments my lady. Yes…uncomfortable territory here. But, this is really just a one time occurance to get the community started. Selection occurs all the time in both Nature and Human Society. IQ and good genes top priority…beauty is a nice to have 😉

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