Feeling Alive

Our Earth orbits the sun at 67,000 mph.  Our Earth and our Sun orbit our Milky Way galactic center at 483,000 mph.  It takes us 225 million years to circle our galactic center.  Our galaxy, including Earth and our Sun, is flying through the Universe at 1.3 million miles mph.  Gravity prevents me from feeling the speed.  I was born unaware and a mundane sense of complacency evolved through my education and life experience.

In spite of this inherent unawareness and learned, experienced sense of mundane complacency, there are brief instances in my life where I actually felt or feel alive —  moments that briefly snap me out of that mundane sense of complacency.  They are, relative to the short flicker of my existence, rare, but they nevertheless exist or existed.  My short list in no particular order below:

  1.  Making love to a woman I love
  2. Running wild in my youth with my little friends and brothers
  3. A youthful brawl
  4. A wonderful meal and a great bottle of wine with those of significance
  5. Playing competitive baseball or football at sunset or under the lights in my youth
  6. Traveling to a new place or culture
  7. Viewing the ocean, giant cumulonimbus clouds, seeing lightning and hearing thunder
  8. Viewing grand mountains or towering broad volcanoes
  9. Noticing a beautiful woman walking down a city street amongst the masses
  10. A great work of art in any form
  11. A smile or intelligent thought from my little 8-year-old boy
  12. Writing, thinking, photography
  13. Rave dance clubs in Europe during peak of my youth
  14. Strip clubs (it was a phase)
  15. Experiencing a large earthquake
  16. Viewing videos of natural disasters
  17. The wind in my face
  18. A good round of golf especially when I beat my brothers
  19. A full orange moon and a sky full of stars
  20. Spontaneous view of apex wild life in natural environment
  21. Changing color of leaves in the fall
  22. Starring at a fire and enjoying its heat
  23. Physical work that makes me use my muscles and causes me to sweat
  24. Laughing or crying
  25. Smelling fresh crisp air

I will probably add to the list as it enters my mind.  But for now…I look at the list and I think…oh…if things were different…how much more depth and how much more meaningful and fun such a list could be.  How much more frequent.  But it is what it is.  I only wish that my son, his son, his son, his daughter, her daughter, her son, could make a much more profound and meaningful list.  In fact, I wish the same for all of mankind.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Alive

  1. Great post. Do you really think people are “born complacent” though? That’s a strange thought.

    Also, I’d be interested in seeing a post entitled “Feeling Dead” with its own respective, applicable list. That would be hilarious.

    • Born complacent merely relative to the speeds we are flying through space…perhaps a better word choice would simply be unaware. I like your idea of a follow up post…let me think about that one:)

  2. Your shortlist is such a fun thing to read, especially the first on your list 🙂 Life can be too complex and too broad to understand and it is only us who could definitely find and see great things to appreciate it and live happy with it. And if you would ask me, I would have on my list to always seek and find, and fill the empty case in our hearts to make it fun 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment April…nice name by the way. Yes…seek and find and fill our empty hearts and souls with beauty and enjoy laughing and crying and all emotions in between…really wouldn’t be that hard to do with a little vision, sacrafice, and hard work…beauty is all around us and in us…but what a mess we make of it. I wish we could take all that we know…put it in a beautiful library with huge windows sitting on top of an ocean cliff…and simply start over with a few women and men…imagine how bountiful and beautiful the earth would look to these few individuals embarking on the fresh start. What direction would they take? What would be their vision?

  3. There are so many little things which can break through my barrier of cynical complacency. I have spent my life teaching others about meaning and helping them find purpose in life. I spend so much time considering life and its meaning that sometimes I think myself into an oblivion. Great words my friend

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