The “Old” and the Young


The young…so full of energy and excitement

The world expands before them like an infinite wonderland

The “Old”…so full of knowledge and reflection

The world expands before them like an infinite enigma

The middle…so full of themselves and hunger

The world shrinks before them like a black hole

Let the “Old” gingerly guide the young

Let the young rule the world

Let the middle fold into the lightless void


6 thoughts on “The “Old” and the Young

  1. A powerful thought. I especially associated with the line about the world being an enigma for the old. I find that true wisdom simply expands your realization of how very little you actually know. Brilliantly done 🙂

    • LOL…I am in the middle:) So…technically speaking…I shouldn’t even be posting:) Although I still feel like the young…clearly my thoughts and hopes are as naive as a baby’s bottom.

      • This concept of the “middle” is problematic for me–something I have been conscious of and struggled with or against for a very long time now. I think the conventional concept of the “middle” is precisely this: “the world shrinks before them like a black hole” and “let them fold into the lightless void”. This concept of the middle is anathema to me. It is essentially the idea that the middle of life is some kind of barren wasteland inhabited by the vacuous dupes and pawns of procreation, who walk around all google-eyed and numb at the prospect that their lives have been reduced to a mere hollow means to the reproduction of the species. One can witness these specimens slogging down the urban sidewalks being pulled by their ball and chain baby carriages, or staring with dumb open mouths out the window of the local Starbucks while taking a break from breast feeding and changing diapers. I fail to see how the young or “old” benefit from this scenario. If the middle of life just suddenly “folds” into nothingness, then what is the point of Life at all? The middle should be the summit, like a mountain that is scaled and then descended on the other side as one declines into middle-late and then finally old age. My concept of the middle is a giant tree in Autumn, its branches weighed down with succulent, mellow fruits for the young and old alike to pluck, ingest, and be nurtured by. The link represented in the above image of young to old over a yawning void in the middle is representative of the conventional–and Christian–misconception of “sacrificing” the middle to the young and old. It amounts to a crucifixion of the Zenith of Life for the sake of the beginning and end of Life. I am unable to comprehend why this “has” to be so or what is gained by it. The whole of Life suffers and withers rather than grows like a towering cumulus cloud from such notions.

        Finally, the enigma of Life should be most intensely and potently experienced in the middle of Life, when one is possessed still of some of the vigor of youth and also the powerful Autumn Dawn of aging wisdom. One can’t climb Olympus with the sloppy, wild legs of youth or the tottering, weary legs of old age. One needs the Meridian legs of the middle to incorporate all of the different elements of life into a disciplined balance capable of attacking and scaling the Acme. And it is precisely this that makes Life “worth living”, for young, middle-aged, and old alike.

      • LMAO…indeed…that is the way it “should be”…but you see…it is the middle that inherits the status quo from multiple prior generations…it is they who perpetuate the madness out of default…and therefore…it is they who need to fold into the void…in order to break the endless chain of irrational madness…and once the new youth reaches middle age…indeed they can approach what you described. Eventually, the chain or conveyor belt must be broken or stopped…a re-set as you will…otherwise…we will simply plod along…like penquins on the edge of the cliff…down below are the hungry waiting Orcas…and we simply move slowly forward pushing the ones closest to the cliff off and down to the sea wolfs.

  2. Well then we are in agreement–it is this (mis)conception of the middle and what results from it that must go. But what does this mean for those who are in the middle now? I think they are called upon to embody as much as they can the new concept and form of the middle–to destroy the old concept and form within themselves and be “reborn”. It’s not enough to merely collapse into dust and expect that the younger generations will just step into the void and fill it with the new conception and form. One has to provide them with some kind of bridge to walk, develop and build upon that is also itself an attainment of a great destination. Giving them nothing as opposed to a cyclical, deleterious something cannot be the full answer. No generation of the young has the vision and ability to create itself out of nothing. It took four hundred years of development and numerous supremely developed “middle men” to reach the pinnacle of the Renaissance.

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