Sound of the Sun

The Sun, 109 times the size of Earth and 330,000 times the Earth’s mass, represents 99.9% of our solar system’s mass.  Four million metric tons of matter is converted into energy every second.  The core burns at 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.   In 5 billion years scientists predict the sun will begin to die and slowly begin to expand.  The Sun’s expanded radius will boil away the Earth’s oceans and tidal forces will pull the Earth into the Sun and incinerate.

I hear there is no sound in space.  But imagine, if you will, the sound of the Sun.  I imagine the sound to be like the continuous explosion of a thousand erupting volcanoes combined with the roar of a billion forest trees ferociously burning every second.  Perhaps the silent power is even more terrifying.  Who really knows how much longer the Sun will silently burn in such an ideal manner for us animate creatures here on Earth?

9 thoughts on “Sound of the Sun

  1. “Who really knows how much longer the Sun will silently burn in such an ideal manner for us animate creatures here on Earth?”

    And beyond that, outside of the context of “our Universe”, who is to say that there isn’t something that won’t collide with and demolish it, or explode and consume it in the next instant? I expect “our Universe” in the context of Eternity is akin to a speck of dust randomly floating through the endless abyss, perhaps like plankton in the Ocean. I am amazed every moment that we somehow survive and are not devoured by something.

    There is something so soothing and relieving to me about the idea of the Earth being incinerated by the Sun. I guess part of that has to do with the human being’s delusions of grandeur and self-importance being popped like a bubble–the silence on the other side of that popping is very appealing to my sensibilities. What a great remedy for the human being’s fondness for noisome nonsense. In many ways, I wish that “5 billion years from now” was today. .

    • LMAO…I fear I have the same wish…to shatter my naive hopes once and for all. Man can barely forecast the weather…can’t predict an earthquake or a volcanic eruption…how the hell can he predict the Sun? In fact, I read an article that noted the sun lost heat and brightness in the past…but because there was so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from an active period of volcanism…the Earth was able to maintain heat to preserve the animate creatures…LOL…maybe we need to pump more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere just in case the sun cools:)

      • It’s such a pleasure to come to your site and engage in discourse on these subjects, and it gives me a momentary, no doubt illusory sense that some kind of actual progress is being made with regards to them.

        But then I go out into the “real world” and I realize just how far from any real progress we actually are, and I get utterly disheartened. Consider the amount of resistance even that has been encountered here on your site to recognizing and trying to come to terms with the problems we face (and equally the vision and realization of Worthy Life we lack because of those problems)–and those in this realm may certainly be regarded as the “exceptional” human beings as compared to the “common man on the street” whose only concern is “just getting by”.

        I think partly it is those lonely bus rides through “reality” that contributes to my jaded sentiment, which just says: “Fuck it–let’s pull the plug on this shit.” I think it is a combination of this utter unawareness of the masses along with the heinous and equally unaware hubris of the “elite” that at least in part makes me inclined to welcome the thought of the Sun consuming the Earth.

      • I think we share the same disease…and isn’t this the crux of the problem today…our problems so immense that the individual is simply crushed by the weight of trying to fix (or even think about trying to fix) the problems…as such…the natural instinct is to just say…fuck it…get what ever I can out of this life even if what you get isn’t anything approaching what it could be under another scenario…and the beat goes on and on and on.

      • The “fuck it–let’s pull the plug on this thing” was referring to the Earth itself and human existence upon it, not to your site. Often I look around and see that “insanity” you refer to and think to myself: Bring on the Fire–let the reset button be triggered. No matter how dejected we get though, the answer still will always be to try to embody the difference, to be the manifestation of sanity in an insane world. That’s something I will never give up on.

  2. Our precarious position in the cosmos is taken for granted on a daily basis. I am amazed at the thought of the scale and volatility of our universe, in which we are just a tiny speck. A beautiful reminder my friend 🙂

    • I view our precarious position as a wake up call…it should be a motivational force for the human species to stand up and make the most of this life for himself and his fellow beings…but exactly the opposite occurs. When I contemplate the Universe…and then I observe our species and what we are concerned with every day…it strikes me as a form of insanity or quite simply a myopic ignorance of being.

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