Aphorisms on the Soul

1.  The difference between an impoverished account and an impoverished soul is that the former can be cured in an instant through a winning lottery ticket while the later takes a lifetime to enrich.

2.  The soul, or inner being, is really all we have in our possession when death rings the bell.  Those that have nurtured and enriched their inner being can gracefully welcome or honorably seek out death and offer him their honest bounty with a smile. Those that have forsaken their inner being have nothing to offer the dark prince and therefore die disgracefully — squirming and squealing like a stuck pig.

3 thoughts on “Aphorisms on the Soul

  1. Wonderful!
    It’s so true that when we lose everything of material “value”, and, in the eyes of others, we have nothing left to lose. That’s when we truly begin to learn how much power we actually have 🙂
    I wish you a wonderful week with your son, my friend!

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