The Purpose of the Soul

All that the eyes see, all that the ears hear, all that the tongue tastes, all that the nose smells, all that the body feels, impacts the soul.  The soul, which instructs the mind (best case scenario), which in turn instructs the body, further impacts the soul.  The external environment therefore is the source of a soul’s energy.  If there were nothing external for the virgin soul to take in then it would simply remain as it was upon birth and die in the same condition, neither growing nor depleting.

All inanimate things (majority of the known universe) have no soul for they just are.  The sun takes nothing in rather it just burns until one day it will burn no more.  The ocean takes nothing in so it just sways back and forth with the wind and the moon.  Inanimate things simply are and provide unintentionally for the animate.  Why then, should my soul find such an attraction and reverence for the soulless inanimate objects like the stars, the ocean, and the mountains?  Why does the sun sparkling on the expansive ocean fill my soul with sublime joy?  Why does my soul find more nourishment and growth when it instructs me to depart from humanity and walk alone amongst nature?  Why does my soul expand when I watch the clouds flow and transform effortlessly above?  Why do I find the universe’s chaotic creation and destruction so inspiring?

Because I am trying to understand my parents.  Because I am trying to understand that the creator or creators don’t have any expectations, opinions, or judgments as to how I decide to live my brief existence.  My uncaring creator or creators gave me life with no guidelines or restrictions.  The creator simply set the stage with no script, the orchestra with no score or conductor.  It is therefore the purpose of my soul to decide how to enjoy this short breath of freedom.  It is therefore the purpose of all souls given their present form to make the same determination.  For many souls, like the hawk, the Orca, or the dolphin, the decision seems to be made with beauty and simplicity.  For other souls, like those of the human form, the decision seems to come with much complexity.  Only when man discovers how to unwrap the self-imposed bondage will we finally understand how to interact with one another.  Only when we see each other as individual souls seeking our own definitions of fulfillment will we be able to interact with one another to enable rather than disable that boundless, difficult, yet joyful quest.

36 thoughts on “The Purpose of the Soul

  1. “Things are because we see them, and what we see, and how we see it, depends on the Arts that have influenced us. To look at a thing is very different from seeing a thing. One does not see anything until one sees its beauty. Then, and then only, does it come into existence.” -Oscar Wilde

    I’m in a ferocious mood so I will let Oscar speak for me.

    • Let that domestic cat out in the wild to hunt. Speak for yourself. Remember…the eyes take in all…including art, literature, everything…they are one of the gateways into the mind and soul 😉

      — as are the other senses…does Beethoven’s or Mozart’s or Bach’s music not penetrate the ear with some sort of immortal tones of wisdom?

      And let me ramble here a bit as a blog really is a means to brainstorm and discuss with other fellow human beings. Is not music by these three composers not the embodiment of truly noble and exceptional souls? As are the works of so many great authors and artists (painters, poets, sculptors, composers). Did they not discover the secret? True, not all of us can reach such heights. But we must listen and read and attempt to push on. If we can’t make it past the previous threshold, at least we can sit in the orchestra and play our part and produce a piece of the sound from the semi-immortal beautiful souls from the past.

      • I’m a Schubert/Chopin kinda person myself with a touch of Beethoven, Bach, Wagner. This big game cat needs to be caged to protect the innocent. But I can get behind thee. But once again this is a lengthy conversation to be had. A great one though, one I am passionate about. Why do your posts make me want to smoke Gitanes or Ducados?

    • I meant you need to smile, silly. It’s an action, not a sit around and wait for a reason to reaction. You sound like you’re just hanging out waiting for the end of the world to come put you out of your misery. You totally reminded me of Marvin.

      🙂 <– This is me smiling at you

      Cheer up!

      • Ah…I get it…you are the fine young woman in Steppenwolf that taught the grumpy old intellectual how to dance and laugh and fall in love again 😀

        I think you misunderstood dear lady. On the contrary, I don’t wish for death to come at this moment for then I would die like half a squirming and squealing pig and half a man with a frown.

      • I’m sorry, that’s one I didn’t read. But if it works… 🙂 I did read the life and times of Tincup.
        Laughing and dancing and loving are good things.

      • Hehe! Is that a quote from the book? And you edited your previous comment. But I didn’t misunderstand. Smiling changes all that. I’ll dance to smiling.

      • Anything on a blog (which is really just fragments of properly constructed thought) is subject to editing. And no, that was not a quote from the book. It was from a poem I wrote before I embarked on my “Short Breath of Freedom”.

      • But it’s not true. I can’t edit my comments at all. And what if your editing would have changed my answer? All I can do is bum about it. It’s okay, I totally got censored today. Can you believe that? I don’t even know why.

      • You can ask me to edit anything you want. I know your frustration. The one aspect I would change about wordpress is that you can’t edit your own comment…you are stuck with spelling errors and grammar issues…which occurs often with my undeveloped skills 🙂

        Just so you know…the impetus for my blog was censorship. There is another blog on wordpress which I won’t mention that censored my lengthy comments. I consider that blog the anti-thesis of this blog.

        By the way, dolphins aren’t fish. They are one of the most beautiful and joyful mammals on the planet.

      • I get freedom of press. You know, it’s our blog. We have the right to say what we want and only what we want. Whatever. I’m not mad at them. Just kind of hurts is all. Thanks for the dance, Tinc. 🙂

      • ah..there you go again…always one step ahead of me. Will you marry me? And who is the first most intelligent creature…the ant (which reminds me of our ant colonies) or the Orca? Perhaps the chimp?

      • Where are those old-fashioned fans when you need one? We should probably dance a couple more times first or something.

        The answers are all found in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s kind of like a Bible for intellectuals. Which, by the way, also explains such things as parents, uncaring creators and, believe it or not, the actual meaning of life! And Marvin’s freaking hilarious!

      • Ok, I have heard about this book before so perhaps it is worthwhile to purchase and read it. I am a Penguin classics snob and I have a feeling it is simply plagiarism and a half-ass summary of what was written in the past. But, I will keep an open mind and give it a try. After all, I know that I know nothing so reading something is of no harm when I know nothing.

      • You surprise me sometimes, Tinc. I totally had you figured for a Harlequin reader. 🙂

        Yes, I’m sorry, it didn’t even occur to me that the fish reference would be obscure. Hitchhikers is an entertaining and slightly controversial book that was considered a classic by one of my lit/comp teachers. It was a bit over my head in middle school, but I liked it. Alan Rickman (voice of Marvin the manic depressive robot) stole the movie for me.

      • I don’t know if that author was even published when I was in middle school 🙂

        I have heard a few people talk about this book…someone mention Voogan’s a few days ago on a post and I didn’t know what the heck she was talking about just like I didn’t know what you were implying. There seems to be a few decades of disconnect 😀

        But then again…most things are just recreations…so if your read SteppenWolf I’ll read this modern classic.

      • Haha, I probably shouldn’t tell you how archaic it was. Steppenwolf is officially my reading list. 🙂

        You’d like my response to the Write Wednesdays prompt today.

    • Ah Antanya…and there is the greatest or grandest question. Why is that so? For you and I and many that exist today and have come before have the same sentiment. Why is this so?

    • I don’t 🙂

      Many, including Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics…and so many more try to discuss or debate what is the soul and whether or not it exists after death. The next few works I want to read or re-read are Faust and Emerson on Transcendentalism. These soul posts just a little warm up of my thoughts from the soul 😉

      I can’t say there is a soul with certainty…but I think it is that little subtle thing inside that gives you hints. I think if we choose to follow those hints or the soul’s or innerbeing’s urgings then it in fact grows in strength…clearing the mind and all the senses. And when you suppress those hints…the opposite occurs. My only personal experience with this matter for comparison was my “Short Breath of Freedom” versus other periods in my life.

      • Yes, Emerson in a sense believes in a soul — he believes we are a part of the greater earth, a part of nature, and for this reason we are immortalized. But it isn’t the kind of immortality most people want; merely that we are buried in the ground and sustain the energy and cycles of life. In that sense, I believe all things have a soul (you, me, the animals, and plants). But I cannot really believe that our cognitive abilities continue after our brains cease functioning.

      • Yes…I don’t believe in souls existing after death…either way…if they do in fact exist after death…might as well nourish the soul the best we can for you win either way 🙂

      • Yep…that is pretty much Aristotle’s view…except he wrote a whole book on it. Most of them start getting into eternity and immortality and that is usually when they lose me…except for acts in art or music or literature that may reach the classic stage and hang on for others to view and reach or hear.

  2. I really like this post, Tincup! you probably know view differs somewhat, but I think we have a similar experience of understanding it all comes down to our soul/mind and what we choose to do with it 🙂
    (BTW, I think what you call “mind” is what I call gross mind/thought or even subtle mind, and I tend to refer to the very subtle mind – which I think may be what you call “soul” – as mind… Hhmmm, confusing, but I think we’re on the same page).
    Have a great day!

    • I am with you…subtle or sublime…perhaps is it it a tiny little piece in the brain that either grows through what we do or stays the same or shrinks…I am talking about this little piece in the brain now 😀

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