Rick Santorum — The Perfect Storm

Rick Santorum may eventually fade, but if he goes on to win the top political position in the country, I fear we may enter into the perfect storm.  We are in an age and time where the world needs to come together and make radical changes.  The last type of American political leader the world needs is a flash back to historic beliefs and values that aren’t in tune with reality.  Ask Rick what he thinks of over-population, environmental destruction, economic cancer, and the boiling hot religious rifts.  He is the perfect fuse to detonate the dynamite.  I have never really connected with any recent U.S. president, but I am actually terrified of Rick Santorum.

“I believe that you have an obligation to approach every issue in public life as I do from the standpoint of both faith and reason. My conscience was formed as a result of my life experience primarily through faith,” Santorum answered. “I bring that to the table. Yes, that’s who I am.”


He added: “I have an obligation not to just look at things that way but also to bring reason. I always think if your faith is true and your reason is right you’ll end up at the same place.”