The New World

It is Thanksgiving day and for some reason this film enters my mind.  I have watched this movie called “The New World” several times over the last week.  I tend to watch or read something over and over again if I find it of interest.  Relative to other movies, this film has less of a Hollywood feel.  I could be tainted since I practically fell in love with the lead female actor who plays Pocahontas (lol).  I don’t have any idea how captain Smith could have left that wild delicate spirit, but ambitions do pull us this way and that.

I think the reason this film is top of mind on Thanksgiving is because I relate this holiday, rightly or wrongly, to the founding of America and celebrating the harvest with the “naturals”.  The film, which I will watch today (again), touches on so many topics that I find interesting.  America offered a new start, a fresh beginning, almost a Utopian scenario.  The land was abundant and untainted.  The people landing on this New World had knowledge of the good and bad from the Old World.  There was a chance to create something different from what existed.

So, on this day, I give thanks to my ancestors who risked their lives and traveled across the ocean with the idea to find and create a New World.  It is the idea and the attempt that I celebrate today — not the Black Friday (now Black Thursday) outcome.