I have found yet another kindred spirit…in an unexpected place…a reason to keep blogging into the vastness of eternity…of course this idea…and other ideas I contemplate…also are mentioned in the movie The Matrix…not sure many people contemplate these ideas…even if they are lightly salted in an action movie.

Barking In The Dark

I am now approaching my seventy fourth year and I have seen, and been royally ticked off, by quite enough mankind has done to date, thank you.


It has led me to long wonder if we “civilized” human beings are, in fact, merely a virus, perhaps the most viral parasitic species on the planet. I think ample evidence exists that it is possible we have always been this virus upon the earth cloaked in the guise of a highly evolved, positive, and creative life form. Scientists have long sought the missing link. Is it possible that we are the missing link? Is it possible that we are an imperfect species in the process of morphing into something other than what we now are…if we don’t completely destroy our planet before we get to whatever it is our next stage will be? And this is a very large…

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“The Story of Your Enslavement”

I find this video rather interesting.  I am not sure I agree with all the content, but it is certainly food for thought.  I also plan to read more about Mr. Stefan Molyneux (about him).  I do have some strong vibes that the vast majority of humans are being used and exploited like batteries (The Matrix) powering the wealth generation of the few.  I am not, however, convinced that the rich and powerful have developed a coordinated plan.

I do know, and I have attempted to express this, that money, debt, and credit, makes it very easy for a few to control the many.  Money is, in my opinion, a fallacy.  Each human being is a source of energy, a flame, that can burn given the proper foundation and environment.  But if a human being can’t think for itself, perhaps all it becomes is a source of energy for another’s use and gain.

I also am interested in researching Edward Bernays (about him), mentioned in this short film as the father of propaganda.  I think the media and the advertising/marketing machine is a powerful form of brainwashing that helps perpetuate over-consumptions, or as stated in the film, creating a demand for things when there is no need.