The Facebook Fraud

If you want to observe how the insiders at Wall Street commit fraud and make themselves richer at the expense of the public and the average investor, just watch what happens with Facebook over the next several years.  I am certainly on a Mike Stathis kick as of late and this post was primarily derived from his point of view expressed in numerous articles.  Although he is not alone in warning that when Facebook goes public with its upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) that it will do so at a ridiculously over-priced valuation of what the company is really worth in the long-term, he goes on to argue that Wall Street insiders are behind the scenes pumping up Facebook’s projected valuation.  In fact, he calls it Fraud.

Mike Stathis uses the term “Pump and Dump” to describe the tactic presumably used by Wall Street insiders to make millions or billions off naive investors.  I won’t go into the details of this scheme, but I provide a link here where all of Mike’s articles can be found on the Facebook scam as well as his articles on other important financial topics. Articles written by Mike Stathis AVA Analytics  All you need to know is that Wall Street insiders create bubbles or inflated stock prices and get out or sale their huge stock holdings cashing in billions of dollars and profits before the bubble pops (or simply, by selling all their shares, lets the bubble pop).  Those on the outside end up losing huge sums of money that simply have been transferred to these Wall Street insiders.

The main point I want to make is that these Wall Street insiders, the same crooks that made billions off the Dot Com bubble, or made billions off the housing bubble via fancy financial instruments, are still freely engaging in the same fraudulent activities with no outcry from the public or our puppet government.  For example, Goldman Sachs, the same guys that made out big on the housing market bubble and following collapse, are one of the primary crooks behind the Facebook IPO and looming pump and dump scam.  And, this pump and dump may not be just targeted at Facebook, but the entire social media sector including LinkedIn and Twitter (once it goes public).  If you want to see some proof in regards to LinkedIn, see this article written by Mike Stathis  Linkedin-Insiders-Head-For-The-Exit-Gates.html  Mike Stathis claims the social media industry is the next bubble being fabricated by the Wall Street insiders.

Of course, you will have to be patient to see if my support of Mike Stathis’s claim is warranted.  Most likely, we won’t see the social media bubble blow up for a few years.  But if it does occur, perhaps you will remember this post.  Unfortunately, by the time you recognize this prediction was correct, another bubble in some other sector will already be inflating through the same stinking hot air.  In fact, Wall Street insiders and other crooked folks in the finance realm most likely have multiple bubble projects in the pipeline at any given time.  Case in point — Gold.  Have you seen those ridiculous ads scaring you into buying gold?  Pump it up folks and watch these crooks pull out and leave you with worthless golden rocks.  Remember, the U.S. dollar has a stronger tie to oil and commodities than gold.  This is why you see inflation hitting at the gas pump and in the grocery store.  The Federal Reserve keeps pumping out and printing U.S. dollars for their own agenda and you and I are paying for it.

I am tired of the corruption, the financial Ponzi schemes, and the fraud that is continuously occurring right in front of our faces going unpunished and taking down this country and the quality of life.  We are being shrewdly raped by Wall Street insiders, a ball-less and paid off government (lobbyists), a corrupt Federal Reserve, and a myopic public opinion.  I am probably more passionate about what is going on because I am a member of the long-term unemployed and have personally experienced a severe drop in my quality of life.  The majority of American citizens haven’t experienced what the millions of the long-term unemployed have experienced in the last few years.  As a result, the majority of American’s don’t really care about stock market fraud.  Why?  Because people feel powerless to do anything about it.  Because people are just comfortable and content enough to turn the other cheek.  Because people don’t realize how this type of unpunished fraudulent behavior will eventually impact them.  But as this “Silent Depression” continues, over-time, you too will begin to understand that our country is infected with cancer.  This fraudulent behavior is a cancer that has spread throughout all the vital components of this country and is close to becoming terminal.  Eventually we will receive the diagnosis, but it will be too late for treatment.  If you are interested in more commentary on Facebook and the social networking and media bubble, I have an additional blog called “The Social Networking Bubble”.  If you google it you will find it.  I am tracking this scam from pump to dump.