The Power of Critical Thought

Ocean expanseMy mom sent me a book called something like the Power of Positive Thinking.  I never cracked the cover.  My dad sent me an article on the power of negative thinking.  I skimmed through the content.  So which is it?

Well, I think the real power resides in the realm of critical thought.  There is a difference.  Often, people may view a critical thought, observation, or expression, as negative.  But, from my perspective…a critical perspective…such a way of thinking is the means to a positive direction…or a contemplation of a more positive direction…for oneself, and perhaps others.

Of course, like with any tool, there are dangers.  Critical thinking cannot just occur outward, but also must occur inward.  Often, I may become imbalanced, look more outward…and not enough inward.  The danger here, of course, is that one looks outward to explain discontent that is inward.

Hong KongI have a few ideas that are brewing in my head that I plan to post in due time, which will be examples of this critical thinking process and the positive aspects of it…if done correctly.  As I intend to write these posts with truth, honesty, and content, to the best of my ability, these thoughts must first be put to pen and paper…after some long walks, reflection, observation, both outward and inward.  They must first, and foremost, be written by myself…to myself…and for myself.