If mankind fails and goes extinct like 99.9% of the species that have ever existed on planet Earth; there are two apex species that I believe (my hope) would take the torch assuming they survive whatever resulted in our termination.  What would the Orca or Dolphin evolve into during the next billion years — or worse case scenario, the ant or the cockroach?  If you had to pick a replacement, what would be your choice?  And you can’t pick the Chimp…that experiment is already running its course:)

“God’s” Worthy Opponent

Beautiful ruler of the seas

Power and grace supreme

Perfect form slicing the expanse

Stealth shocking death

Turns Ocean blue red

Shiny black mysterious night

Glistening white glacial ice

War paint

Dreams from wolfish past

Howling at the moon

Terrifying raw freedom

Roaming wild intelligence

Natural strength embraces abyss

No fabricated tools or laws

Noble opponent to inanimate might

Bright beast confronts infinite chaos

The eternal Battle of the Titans

Man merely a misinformed spectator

Or long gone

Failing to comprehend the Grand War