Real Modern Utopias

I have often been coined a “Utopian” per several participants on this blog.  Although I despise the stereo type, I realize that my child-like and naive rants indeed warrant the sentence.  I have posted arguments against the hyper focus on profits and capitalism, against human created instruments like money, debt, credit, and investments, against over-population (7 billion people), against environmental destruction, and against the overall lack of meaningful direction or directions of mankind that prevent the human species from striving to its full potential relative to the rest of the known animate creatures on Earth.  But, there are a few civilizations and periods of time that I admire in the past given my western focus (Greece, Rome, the Renaissance) and certain individuals after those eras that inspire me.  Yet, there are a few examples in the here and now which I can highlight as beacons for humankind.

There exists several countries on Earth that I and others believe serve as role models or potential solutions to the short-term human mis-direction that exists with the majority of the  7 billion human beings in existence.  I resort to an article as a simple source to this argument Top Ten Modern Utopias.  I will of course review this article and the assumptions with a critical eye, but on the first few reviews I believe it offers a very good foundation.  It is important to note that the United States and other large power-houses didn’t make the cut!

My next several posts will go into more depth on perhaps the top five and discuss the attributes, structure, culture, and environment that enables these civilizations or countries to reach greater levels of “happiness” or “fulfillment” than the rest of human population.  My desire is to merge my naive and child-like Utopia visions with practical and real life examples to offer solutions for the future direction or directions of mankind.  The top five countries that I will focus on per the article above are:

1. Denmark

2. Canada

3. Norway

4. Australia

5. Netherlands