Flirting Muse!

Where have you gone lovely Muse

Please don’t be such a recluse

Your absence hangs my spirit in the noose

Hard for me to endure this abuse

Come back and lift me up to Zeus

So I can again write my muse

I’ll cook you a yummy goose

My wine will make you nice and loose

Just a few attempts to seduce

I wish you and I could re-produce

Don’t claim that I am bemuse

I promise to put you to good use

Don’t give me another excuse

Or I will write like Dr. Seuss

Sound of the Sun

The Sun, 109 times the size of Earth and 330,000 times the Earth’s mass, represents 99.9% of our solar system’s mass.  Four million metric tons of matter is converted into energy every second.  The core burns at 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.   In 5 billion years scientists predict the sun will begin to die and slowly begin to expand.  The Sun’s expanded radius will boil away the Earth’s oceans and tidal forces will pull the Earth into the Sun and incinerate.

I hear there is no sound in space.  But imagine, if you will, the sound of the Sun.  I imagine the sound to be like the continuous explosion of a thousand erupting volcanoes combined with the roar of a billion forest trees ferociously burning every second.  Perhaps the silent power is even more terrifying.  Who really knows how much longer the Sun will silently burn in such an ideal manner for us animate creatures here on Earth?