Treating Children like Dogs

There aren’t too many other observations that bring my spirits down harder than witnessing our little children, the future of our species, being dragged around on a rope or a leash.  Yesterday, I took my eight year old son to the baseball field for some hitting and fielding practice after we worked through a new piece on the piano.  You know what I am going for — sound mind sound body.  Well, as I was getting stuff out of the trunk, two women were walking about eight little children and they were all attached by a makeshift rope.  Each had one hand tied to this rope and they were being led along the side-walk like a pack of dogs.  I was waiting for one of them to lift their leg.  I wonder if these day care employees were equipped with plastic bags in case the kids had to do number two.  I looked up some images for this post on google and of course I find all kinds of products available to bind our children up.  Wow, creative capitalism at work. 

I don’t want to make this a long post for I think the image or concept of binding up our children speaks volumes.  The issues that come to mind are overpopulation, the control economics has over a couple, poorly planned cities (schools should be located surrounded by beauty and open space and walking only zones), commoditization of the human being starting with the young, poor education, training kids to obey like dogs as opposed to growing into a wild intelligent being, parents that can’t give their kids full attention and the leash allows them to look at their phone or computer when in public.  Enough said.