Aphorism 35

The human outward created banks, investment banks, and Wall Street.  These entities make profits on the distribution and flow of money to those that make the greatest profits.  Essentially, they make profits on profits which take even more money away from the workers and customers.  This explains why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Muses on Capitalism (Wall-street and Investment “Bangstas”)

Wall-street and Investment “Bangstas” are very confusing to me.  How do these entities make their employees and participants millions of dollars off the back of other companies?  They don’t actually create or produce anything.   They merely shuffle money around and place bets as if in a casino.

Even more confusing is how they can make money when companies or economies go in a downward spiral.  They call it shorting the market.  Seems to me like those who are “in the know” can’t lose.  Someone check the dice!  Are these financial institutions just creating a world-wide Ponzi scheme?