Lock ArtI am procrastinating on several fronts, but then again, that is my nature in regards to things
I don’t really want to deal with.  I decided to take a rather long walk to a cafe as opposed to jumping in my robotic car or simply stumbling down to the closest cafe.  The weather is particularly nice for this time of year so I wanted to get out and about.  I decided to take a walk to the locks, which is one of the busiest locks in the country.  It is really an enjoyable spot with all the activity, the Salmon Ladder, and the pretty park around the engineering wonder.

waterOne of the things I like about the Northwest is that the cities still have a lot of old industry — logging, manufacturing, fishing, boats, and trains.  There is still some blue collar feel to the Northwest.  I find this strange that I am attracted to that aspect of the Northwest.  I enjoy unspoiled beauty, but when it comes to a city or town, I kind of like the unpolished feel of old blue collar industries.  This is also a strange sentiment given I don’t know how to do shit with my hands.  I played sports all my life, but if you asked me to fix a door or a toilet…the outcome would not be pretty.

LocksIf you think about the human momentum, there are some great engineering achievements.  We have become a very industrious species and we have created some pretty amazing structures and technology.  But, what I don’t understand is for what are we building all this stuff?  Is it just so we can have more people alive and fed?  Or is there something bigger that I am just not seeing?  Is there a grand direction or purpose for which we are constructing all these amazing things?  If you know what the answer is, please fill me in on the grand plan.