Hip hop Slam

I won’t pretend to be some knowledgeable hip music guy, but I wanted to make a quick slam here at the hip hop status quo.  There is this song I heard on the radio that I kind of like and so I looked it up on YouTube.  Of course I found the hip hop version (second YouTube video below) with the “stars” and the lights and the costumes…the YouTube post had almost a million views.

But, then I stumbled on the below YouTube video (first one below) that has three people playing the same song in a van.  I’ll take the version in the van seven days a week including sunday.  Of course this version and performance of the song only had around 11,000 views.  I am glad social media enables such a version to exist…a version most of us would never have seen prior to the existence of an alternative outlet to mainstream media.  A good example of how the creative process can be used to make money or to sing from the heart.