Love Letters — First Love

Dear First Love,

fog San FranciscoWe both liked each other for years, but the stars weren’t aligned, until we decided to rearrange them.  Remember that first night we spent together… outside the high-school auditorium — embracing behind the columns and kissing for so long that is seemed like the earth, the sun, and the moon… were no longer in motion?  Do you remember that night we spent up in the foothills…laying together on a blanket — the breeze blowing through the long silver grass, the moonlit fog spilling over the mountains, the Bay Area lights twinkling far down below in the distance?  The Love I felt for you was as true as I have known.

fog Santa Cruz MountainsWhy did we let anything come between this first and pure Love?  I vowed to preserve your innocence to respect your religious upbringing — you misinterpreted my perseverance as rejection.  My recent girlfriend harassed you with calls and tears and hoisted guilt upon our shoulders.  You constantly implied… that I should go back to her.  And when I did…I discovered your fury and the true Love you harbored for me…within your barricaded heart.  But it was too late.  I betrayed our Love through a series of misunderstandings and weakness — all that remained in your heart was a tease of sweet lingering revenge.  Forgive me, my first Love, for I didn’t know the trials and ways to earn the complete trust of a woman’s heart…and something not of this world slipped away into the ether… never to be found again.