Wild Love

galaxies mergeTo play off the last post…”Call of the Wild”…and in writing my next journal-like entry “Alive”, I think about making love with a woman I care about.  And my thoughts are…is this the last act of our wildness?  Is this the last bastion to feeling alive in our modern world?  Is this the last link to intimacy with nature and our past, heightened senses, adrenaline, wild abandonment?  Or, will it also be domesticated?  Will technology, economics, and culture (which is becoming defined by the former) eliminate this final link to our wild past?  Already, I see economics and technology at work — the advertisements selling products for sexual enhancements..drugs…gadgets…things.  There is no need for enhancements when you are truly in love.  And there is of course methods to create life without any type of physical connection…the test tube baby…genetic engineering…and so on…and so on.  Will we take this final step to sever the last link to our wildness?  Will we neuter everything connected to our beautiful and raw natural past?  “Oh Brave New World…with such people in it.”

Call of the Wild

Call of the WildAs I attempt to recuperate, after four nights of slave labor, I had a thought to get me on to my next journal entry.  It seems, to me, that we lost something when we became civilized.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  But, it seems like we exchanged our wild nature for a domesticated existence.  Through that exchange, it seems to me…that we lost something valuable.  We exchanged fear for security, survival for co-dependence, hunger for contentment, cold for warmth, toughness for softness…alert senses for sleep.  Are we like dogs, cattle, sheep, or animals caged in a zoo?